(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Matthew 1:21.  "His people" are those that have already given themselves to Him in a salvation experience.  This verse is talking about something different than salvation.  The word for "sin" in the Hebrew language is defined as follows:  to miss the mark, to miss the big picture, to miss the whole reason and cause of all things.  Every waking moment we have the awesome opportunity to lay hold of something eternal, divine, and everlasting.  By being cognizant of our surroundings and keenly aware of our circumstances, we can transform the earthly, carnal nature into a piece of eternity through Jesus Christ.  Additionally, we can be "plugged-in" to the cause, the big picture, the reason for all things.  Unfortunately, sin is ever present to lead us into a wrong choice that leads to darkness, thereby missing what our situations are for: to be saved from personal sin.   What is the sin that leads us into darkness?  Self-justification.  We excuse ourselves by exclaiming, "It's not my fault"!  "I am just a victim of circumstance"!  "I'm not getting involved, this doesn't concern me."  So, we miss the big picture:  Jesus has come to me to save me from my sin.  

After Adam and Eve sinned, the LORD came seeking them as the High Priest.  As He drew near, they could hear the tinkling bells along the hem of His garment.  They saw the fringe and His priestly robe.  He came to save them from their sin but, they stood before Him and justified themselves.  Each one pointed to someone other than themselves and established their innocence.  A very different story could have played out if they had asked the LORD why He had approached them in these "unusual" garments.  They could have been curious about the bells, the fringe, etc.  Instead, self-justification caused them to miss the reason, the big picture, the cause.  

On a daily basis, the LORD is entreating us to separate from the old man.  God is working in my enviroment to save me from my sin.  Oftentimes, we stumble over the creature as opposed to standing for the LORD and His Holy Word.  Our lifes' goal in being a candidate for the Bride, is to gain the Stature of the LORD Jesus Christ and then go to the "above".  It is not to miss the big picture and justify myself and how innocent I am.  

Light and darkness are contained within every situation.  We can speak the truth, gives thanks, praise His Name and cooperate with Him.  Doing this sets our feet on a path of Light.  Conversely, we can justify ourself and exclaim that we are innocent, which will set us on a path of darkness.  Light or darkness comes with one simple choice.  In the beginning, at creation, the LORD said, "Let there be Light!"  Likewise, we can proclaim the same message in our personal circumstances.  Darkness does not reveal, it hides and conceals the big picture.  The light reveals and illuminates the cause, the correct path to the above.  When we face the light it will reveal the true cause of why we are in a particular situation and then we can exchange carnality for eternity.  He endeavors, constantly, to save us from our sin and bring us back to the "above".  Pray the LORD to reveal how, when and where self-justification interfers with His Plan!