(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Ezekiel 16:1-4.  There is a spiritual creation as well as a natural creation.  The LORD is creating within us a spiritual kingdom that will fit within the boundaries of the New City.  Regardless of the circumstance we find ourselves, there is a bigger picture, a cause, that is trying to produce a spiritual building or creation in our heart.  He came to save His people from their sin.  He constantly is wanting to create a new portion of Himself, thus, saving us from our sin, throughout our daily lives.  The bigger picture is Him designing personal situations with the intent of us seeing our sin.  Not so  He can point the finger and laugh or put us down; but to save us from it and create something eternal (see sermon #97).  

Prior to King David conquering Jerusalem, the city was inhabited by Jebusites and was called Jebus.  The Hebrew word for Jebusite translates as hate, trample down, put down, hate for God, hatred to separate unto God.  Jerusalem is defined as, founded peaceful.  When the Jebusites inhabited Jebus, the city had a hatred for God and an ardent love for the things of the world.  Conversely, when David conquered the city (appropriately call the "city of David") and renamed it Jerusalem, the city projected love upward to the LORD, and hatred for sin and the things of the world.  The same city that once hated God was renewed into a city that loved God.  The LORD is constantly coming to us throughout our daily lives, urging us to give up Jebus, our hatred for the Authority of God and our love for the world.  The City of Pride within us (Jebus) causes us to direct our love and adoration toward the things of this world.  He wants to convert Jebus into Jerusalem, thereby creating in us a love for Him and a hatred for the world.  Jebus blinds us to the bigger picture.  Pride causes us to not see God in any situation, while we have the audacity to justify ourselves as guiltless victims!!

What causes a hatred for God?  We find the answer in verse 3.  Jebus had a momma and a daddy.  Daddy was an Amorite and momma was a Hittite.  Amorite translates into proud boasting, a sense of being worthy and deserving of more.  Hittite is defined as, to terrorize.  The paternal Amorite in us has a lofty view of himself/herself and thinks it doesn't deserve any pain whatsoever.  In fact, it desires to decide what pleasure it experiences, when it starts and when it ends (if ever).  It deserves and is worthy of much more that what the LORD gives.  Old momma Hittite will threaten, confront and terrorize God to get her way.  With these two actively operating in the human heart, we despise the LORD, religion, and all the blessings Christianity has to offer. 

The Crucified Way (appropriately named) is a spiritual journey of the heart.  It is THE way through which God creates Jerusalem (founded peaceful) from the hardcore city of Jebus (hatred toward God and His Authority).  What made Joseph a candidate to rule Egypt, be second to Pharoah in authority, and be as a father to Pharoah?  Did you ever read where Joseph justified himself, lamented that he was a victim, and deserved better because he was worthy of  more?  Did you ever read where he accused and terrorized the LORD about how he was treated by his brothers?  Did he complain how unfairly he was treated by Potiphar and his crazy wife?  Of course not---quite the opposite.  It was the pit, Potiphar's wife, and the prison (the Crucified Way) that qualified Joseph to be ruler!  

Ask the LORD to reveal the Jebusite and his parents (Amorite and Hittite) so he can create in you a new heart and a New Jerusalem!