(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Ephesians 5:13-16.  We know that we are sinners through the witness of God's Word and our own hearts.  Our conscience subtlely tells us what is right and wrong.  In verse 13, the LORD reproves---He re-proves  over and over, every day, that we fall miserably short of our high calling through the innate sin present in the human heart.  If we happen to have a lofty, arrogant thought of how wonderful we are, and how we deserve the world's adoration, He can  prove, as only He can, that we are only sinner's saved by HIS grace.  When He deems it necessary, the prideful bubble in our brain is popped when He proves that we are a sinner and completely dependent upon Him.  He is the God of all creation.  A tailor-made circumstance waits to be created if and when He needs to prove our condition.  

Verse 14 commands the reader to awake!  Look at the big picture, see the light that reproves, be aroused from obscurity.  Awake from sleep!  Stop being forgetful of the big picture and start transforming carnality into eternity.  Let the light shine on sin, be grateful, and wrap something temporal in everlasting eternity.  He commands us to remember our vocation---being in the Bride of Jesus Christ!  Remember what we are supposed to do---employ the principles of the Crucified Way and make our way back to the "above" where we have sweet peace and communion with Him.  Verse 14 also commands the reader to arise:  make a decision, a choice.  Arising is proof that we have made a choice to go on.  Don't say you want to go---arise and choose to go!  He promises light if we awake and arise.  This light, in Hebrew, is Ore Light.  This is the Light of the Son.  The Bible states that our God is a comsuming fire (Hebrews 12:29).  Creation would be burned up if it came near to the Father.  The Ore Light of the Son acts as a filter to the comsuming glory fire of the Father so we can get closer to Him and hear His voice and direction clearer.

Verse 15 tells us to walk circumspectly or walk around the 4 points of the cross.  We can learn to be like the eagle, the ox, lion, and man in our situations as is required.  Verse 16 asks us to redeem the time.  Wrap up time in Jesus' Ore Light and bring God's Headship into our situations.  We have the opportunity to make the LORD holy and establish His Headship in places where nobody will ever do.  Grocery store, gym, gas station, library---wherever we go, we can establish His Headship in that place by making Him holy and righteous.  Redeem time by wrapping it up in the eternal Ore Light of the Son.  When His Headship comes, His kingdom comes!