(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read I Kings 2: 18-19.  This is a story of a son honoring his Mother.  We know from earlier chapters, that Bathsheba was instrumental in Solomon ascending the throne after David died.  There was peace in the land because of David's warfare against the enemies of Israel.  Solomon, as King, ruled a peaceful nation of great wealth and prosperity.  The King sat on an opulent and elaborate throne in a room full of VIP's and dignitaries.  Bathsheba enters the throne room and Solomon honors his mother in front of all the assembled dignitaries by doing 4 things.  

First, he rose up from his throne as a gesture of respect and readiness to serve his mother.  He recognized instantly that it was Bathsheba, working in his behalf through her influence, that caused him to have a throne and kingdom.  He rose up with a grateful heart and willingness to meet her need.  Second, he bowed himself unto her.  The King of Israel, whom everyone bows to, descended in honor and gratitude to his mother.  He elevated her above his own throne; he demonstrated that she was more precious and valuable to him than his kingdom.  He gave honor, respect, and gratitude to her for giving him life and the opportunity to gain eternal substance on earth.  He was not embarrassed to demonstrate his love for her.  Third, he caused a seat to be set for her.  This was not a folding chair---he called for another throne which was in recognition of her exalted position.  Fourth, he commanded that she should be set on his right hand, a position of power and rulership.  

Solomon DEMONSTRATED his honor for his mother; it wasn't just theory to him.  Through his deeds and actions he made it clear to those assembled and Bathsheba, that he greatly loved, honored, and respected his mother.