(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please turn to Matthew 26 and read verses 34 and 35.  Jesus, the eternal, divine Word of God, spoke to Peter and he didn't believe the Truth as it issued from the Foutainhead of Truth.  The Christ declared that Peter would deny Him thrice and the words fell on deaf ears.  The rooster testified and Peter wept bitterly (verses 74 and 75); he believed the rooster over the divine Word.  Peter had sat at the feet of Jesus for 3-and-a-half-years hearing such things as sitting at the right hand of the Son of God, being a ruler, being given a portion of Israel as a kingdom, etc.  This incident proves Peter followed Jesus for the wrong reasons.  He had his sights set on being somebody important with power and authority.  He wanted to pay back the Romans by ruling them!  His motive for following and serving Jesus was wrong and the LORD needed to show this to him by having Peter deny Him. When he wept bitterly, he realized that he had followed Jesus for the wrong reasons.  He saw that he would not follow Jesus to the death; he wanted exaltation more than he wanted Jesus.  

Please read I Corinthians 12-13.  Verse 13 says that every man's works shall be made manifest by fire.  There are two types of relationships a believer can have with Jesus.  First, he can follow the LORD  for the benefits and exaltation he receives by being a believer.  Works can be produced by following Christ that emanate from carnal headship and our own will.  These works will be burned with fire.  Notice the scripture says the WORKS will be burned; the will remains.  Works can be produced under carnal, sinful headship with the will remaining untouched.  Second, a personal and love relationship can be had with the human heart and Jesus; you love Him just for Who He is.  Following Him out of love for His person and headship also causes works.  These will cause the will to be converted and will not be burned up at the Judgement Seat of Christ.  Jesus is compelled to touch our works to determine the motive for following Him.  He knows our works will go through the fire.  Out of great love for us, He tests and tries our motive to determine its origin.  Do I serve Him to reap the benefits or because I love HIM?   

At the Judgement Seat of Christ, after the works are burned away and the unconverted will is left, believers will accuse and blapheme God.  They will recount the times when they were treated unfairly and accuse Him of being mean and ugly.  There will be no filter on the will as they stand in front of God Almighty and denounce Him Name and Nature.  The will of man and the enmity within will be on full display as they point the finger and declare they are the victim of a mean and nasty God.  

Peter had to be shown his wrong motive.  The LORD, out of mercy and love for him, was compelled to reveal why he followed Him.  Jesus didn't want Peter's will to remain untouched and unconverted and eventually stand before God and accuse Him as unfair and unholy.  Likewise, the LORD will test and try our works to determine if we follow Him out of our carnal headship and will, or because of just Who He is.  If we love and adore HIM, we will follow Him whithersoever He goeth.  Up, down, high, low will be irrelevant.  Where He is---that's where I want to be because I love HIM!