(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

                                                (Note:  #119 is a continuation of lesson #118.  Please read #118 if necessary.)

In Exodus 4:1-11, four signs were given to Moses so he could have an experience and believe the LORD.  These signs would prepare him to go back to Israel, held captive in Egypt, and help them to also believe.  You can lead someone else to an experience if you have had one.  A sign is defined as a forecast, a prognostication.  To convince Israel that Moses had seen the LORD and believe, God gave him the following four signs.  

Verses 2-5 identify the first sign:  the rod.  Verse 5 says, "that they (Israel) may believe. . . ".  A rod is most useful in an upright position.  Moses had used his rod for 40 years as a shepherd and was accustomed to the support it provided.  It was a tool to lean on.  The rod is a picture of Moses' government, authority, and earthly wisdom.  It represents his thoughts, his education, his power.  To be delivered from unbelief, God asked him to throw all this down.  Moses was a prince of Egypt, highly educated and trained in war.  As an army general, he conquered Ethiopia (where he got his Ethiopian wife).  He was accustomed to the finer things in life that came along with being raised as Pharoah's son.  The LORD told him to cast down all his learned earthly wisdom to a subdued, horizontal position.  In verse 3, the rod became a serpent.  We know from past lessons that the Son of God, Jesus, is the Heavenly Serpent, the Wisdom of God.  Notice the LORD said to pick up the serpent by the tail.  Pick up wisdom with a "tail" revelation---that God is the Head over all things.  Moses didn't need a whole revelation of the entire Serpent of Wisdom, just the beginning to recognize He is the Head!  The LORD was saying He was going to take Moses from Midian to Egypt and then to a promised land.  It wasn't so important that he go from point A to point B.  What was important was what Moses would become through the journey.  The journey would allow him to receive a greater and greater revelation of the Serpent of Wisdom.  To be a candidate to dwell in Canaan's Land, earthly wisdom, thoughts, authority and education must be thrown down. 

In verses 6&7 we see the next sign.  Moses was to take his hand and put it in his bosom.  Bosom signifies the heart.  His hand, when it was removed, displayed the condition of his heart.  His heart was full of leprosy---unbelief.  The LORD was showing Moses that it was a heart problem.  The condition of the heart was the root of his unbelief.  Hands speak of service.  To influence others, Moses needed a clean heart and clean hands (service).  He could not serve Israel with dirty hands.  After removing his hand from his bosom the hand was once again clean.  The LORD was proving to him that He could cleanse a leprous hand as well as a leprous heart.  Are our hands (service) different with different people?  Do we greet some and purposely pass by another because of anger or dislike?  Do we ignore some and gush over others?  It is a heart problem---it is what we become through the journey.  Will the journey make us more like Him or bitter and resentful?  Notice, in verse 8, that the first two signs have a voice.  

We will continue with the last two signs in sermon #120.  Meet you there!