(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Genesis 12:1-7.  The LORD had great plans for Abram but he was living in the wrong place.  To implement His Plan, it was necessary for Abram to leave the land where he was living and follow God to another location.  God's Plan was not benefiting Abram where he was.  Part of the Plan for Abram and his family was for them to move to a distant land, believing by faith that God would direct their way.  Sometimes the LORD wants to uproot us, as believer's, and take us to a new location so His Plan can come to pass in our personal lives.  Spiritual growth will happen if we are in the right place and surrendered to be there.  To be in His personal presence and experiencing spiritual growth is all that really matters.  Abram actively made a choice to participate, calculate, arrange, and implement God's Plan.  He wouldn't be mysteriously transported to a new country.  It took planning, making tough decisions, arranging and lots of preparation to leave Ur.  Read verse 2 again.  Look at these 4 encouraging promises that he embraced.  He knew all the planning and arranging would be worth having God near and blessing him.  Read verse 6 again.  Notice where the LORD told him to go:  the plain of Moreh.  Specifically, Abram travelled to Mt. Ebal in Moreh.  This was a barren, dead, unfruitful mountain.  The LORD gave Abram 4 wonderful promises if he would travel to Mt. Ebal and look what he got---a dead, unfruitful plot of mountainous land!  You might think that God could have rewarded him with a lush, green oasis with vast vineyards and oliveyards to reward him for all the effort he made to obey.  Instead, he got barren and dusty Mt. Ebal.  Look at verse 7 again.  Not one peep of complaint came out of Abrams mouth in resistance or rebellion.  He BUILT AN ALTAR!  He didn't want to change Mt. Ebal or complain that he was worthy of more.  He wanted to change first by offering sin, whole burnt, and peace offerings.  He  kept his attention and focus on what really mattered:  getting cleansed from indwelling sin.  The old man presents himself to us in many different ways.  The barren, dead deeds of the body of sin give us the opportunity to build an altar and offer sacrifices.  Instead of focusing on the death of the old man, we can build an altar and be changed!  Our inheritance is Mt. Ebal; the old man.  The LORD desires to transform and renew the old man and use it to build a new man: Christ!    There are two salvations:  one for the sinner and one for the saint.  The sinner is saved from death and hell and the saint is saved from the world, the flesh, and the devil or, Mt. Ebal.  To be a saint, we must be presented with Moreh and Mt. Ebal.  He wants us to wash the inside of the cup first and then he will make the land fruitful and bountiful.

Exposure of sin comes for two reasons:  1. for Him to convert us and 2. To prove Who He is and that His Word is Perfect.  In verse 2, the LORD says, "I will, I will, I will..."  He exposes sin so He can prove what He said He'll do.  We must see the old man (Mt. Ebal) so he can change Moreh into a fruitful plain (the new man).  It is all for one purpose:  "that you may know Who I Am".  Confessing a desire to know Him in a greater way is to say, "expose the sins of my old man".  He wants to convert Moreh and Mt. Ebal into a fruitful plain.