(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

The LORD swore by Himself (because there was none greater) to make His glorious Name known to His creation.  It is His desire for creation to understand Who their Creator is.  As His creation, we have the opportunity to assist Him in displaying the attributes of His Name by having our old nature transformed into His.  We have been assigned to be emissaries, ambassadors, doorkeepers that project Who He is by having our own fallen nature replaced with His.  For the Nature of His Name to be developed in our heart, we need to have an experience.  Specifically, our sin requires exposure so it can be seen and taken to the Cross.  Sin is the vehicle through which the transfer of His Name is brought to the new heart.  As a fireman needs a fire to practice his skills, we need the enviroment to manifest the attributes of His Name.  We are the Bride, first and foremost, above everything else, that demonstrates the mercy and grace of the Name.  This is what we do, who we are.  Displaying His Name should be the primary goal in every encounter that includes human beings.  When we give His Nature, He replaces it with more.  Giving and receiving His Name should be the "business" of the Bride!

We will be studying the Sonship of Jesus Christ.  In the yod corner of the LORD's Name, Jesus is known as the Son of David.  At the first hay corner, He is known as the Son of God. In the vau corner, He is known as the Son of Man.  Lastly, at the corner of the second hay, He is known as a carpenter's son.

1.  Son of David

David was a King over Israel having been given the kingdom after the death of Saul.  David ruled and reigned with kingly power and was most noted for his mercy toward his enemies.  Please read Mark 10:47-48, Matthew 20:30, and Luke 18:38.  In these scriptures we see that mercy was always included in the cry of each person when they addressed Jesus.  They knew David was a merciful king.  When presenting a request, they called Jesus "Son of David" because they knew He was (is) merciful as well.  Mercy means to push back what people deserve.  In our darkened understanding, we think many human beings deserve to be tongue-lashed, castigated, and criticised.  By withholding our judgement of others, we practice mercy and push back what they deserve.  We can choose to show mercy to tacky people thereby displaying the nature of the Son of David, or, kingly power.   

2.  Son of God

The Son of God is known for His divine grace and power.  Grace ushers in what we don't deserve.  All benefits given to mankind that emanate from the Son of God are not earned; they are freely given because of His Nature.  He is a gracious God, freely giving to a fallen creation what they do NOT deserve.  Please read Ephesians 2:8 and 9.  Proceeding out of His Gracious Nature is the opportunity to be saved by His Blood.  He has given us grace, which we don't deserve and taken away the penalty of Death and Hell, what we do deserve.  

This second half of this lesson is discussed in #134.