(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

                                                        (Note:  This is a continuation of #133, please read #133 if necessary.)

Jesus Christ is a Son in four different ways:  The Son of David, the Son of God, the Son of Man, and the carpenter's Son.  We will continue with the lesson and begin with the Son of Man.  

3.  Son of Man

The Son of Man graphically pictures to us the Suffering Servant.  Please read Hebrews 4:15.  The "feelings of our infirmities" are well known by our Saviour.  We are put in sufferings to fellowship His experience with the intent of making His Name known.  He was wounded, lashed, scraped, and beaten so that we might crawl into His wounds, as it were, and feel the pain of His suffering.  His wounds pour out empathy, concern, and compassion.  Mercy and understanding flow out so we can experience His pain and the pain of others.  He wounds us so we are prepared to offer the proper reaction when we see another experiencing the same wound.  A wound takes time to heal or, can never heal.  When a wound heals we can offer mercy and love to someone who is wounded.  A wound can also be raw---unable to close because it is constantly opened up.  Bitterness and anger will preclude the healing of a wound, consequently, all we have to offer someone is hopelessness and gloom.  When we fellowship His suffering and make His Name of Mercy and Love known, our wounds heal so we can share hope and faith to the wounded.  

4.  Carpenter's Son

A carpenter can make a form out of a formless thing.  Jesus Christ makes the true form:  the Cross.  It is He Who puts the humility, obedience, and surrender of the Cross into our new heart.  Through His Cross He builds the form of His Image and Likeness.  The Cross constructs an edifice to the glory of His Name in our heart that ascends heavenward in glorious praise to the Master Builder.  He is the True Form!  Many times we have a different plan and form that contradicts His.  We should allow Him to change our forms and determinations of what we think is right.  The Cross is both vertical and horizontal.  In the vertical position, we act, do, perform according to what He wants.  In the horizontal, we rest.  We can make His Name known by actively accepting His forms and by surrendering to rest from our own headship and its forms.