(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Isaiah 26:3.  The nature of the LORD includes being a blessing by giving.  With regard to humanity, He expects us to represent Him through His Name or Nature.  As we studied in #136, Gideon's complaint to the angel was that God had forsaken Israel.  He was not guilty of this; the LORD was waiting for Israel to share His Nature to the nations around her and be an influence for good.  Stated differently, it was time for Israel to give before she could receive more of the Name (nature).  As Christians, we may think the LORD has forsaken and forgot about us individually, but, how much of His Nature have we been giving?  We give by loving, forgiving, being merciful, longsuffering and kind.  He expects us to hear His Heartbeat for humanity and respond by sharing the Truth of Salvation and freedom from the slavery of sin.  He expects us to "tune-in" to the despair and hopelessness of those around us so we can offer another option---Jesus!  

The LORD, as our Master Example, continually gives through natural creation so we can constantly receive more of His Nature (please read Romans 1:20).  The equation is this:  we give to then receive.  The earth, the heavenly bodies, forests, oceans, wind, rain, mountains, etc. give to us His Nature.  All things natural, including humans, are for the purpose of Him giving us His Nature.  Every portion of creation has the spiritual ministry of portraying His Name.  Every situation has been created by Him to give us more of His Nature.  Presently, we are in the season of giving.  What can I give away?  Give away His nature.

It is His Nature to give away peace.  Notice in Isaiah 26:3, only one entity has the capacity to give away peace:  "Thou" or the LORD!   The word "perfect" is also peace.  We can receive "peace-peace".  Peace within from the Son and peace without from the Father.  Unfortunately, under the carnal headship of the old man, we think we know better than God how to achieve "peace".  The old man can conjer up all kinds of devious plans and manufacture odious schemes in an attempt to produce "peace".  "If only this would happen, if only they would shut up, if I could just have that, if I could just escape this painful situation---then I could have peace".  The LORD recorded in Isaiah that HE is the only One Who gives peace!  In the story of Jacob and Esau, when Jacob returned to Canaan after working for Uncle Laban, he knew that he must confront his murderous brother Esau.  Jacob wrestled with an Angel, as the story goes, until his name (nature) was changed.  Said differently, Jacob received peace within to continue his journey and meet his brother.  Jacob also received peace without.  They had a tearful reconciliation when they met.  The Son produced inward peace and the Father gave outward peace with Esau.  Whenever Esau was in the presence of Jacob his nature changed from a murderous vagabond to a peaceful, friendly brother.  There was so much peace radiating from Jacob's heart that it influenced the nature of Esau.  Inner peace is given to have outward peace with your brother or sister.  

The word "stayed" is the same word used when the priest's would lean on the sacrifices in the Tabernacle.  They pushed, leaned, forced their weight on the sacrifice.  The LORD desires us to do the same on His Nature.  We are not to "lean" on our own understanding but on the attributes of His Name.  In every situation we have the choice of life or death.  We can lean on the Tree of Life or bypass life and lean on the Tree of Knowledge (death).  It is our nature to skirt life and go straight to death.  When we lean on our own understanding we bypass life and lose our peace.  In the garden, sin caused a separation which resulted in the pair being cast out of God's Presence.  Leaning on our own understanding has the same ending.  God has made our choice for us at Calvary's Cross.  By becoming poor in our own ability and understanding, and making a proper choice, we can go to Him and receive "peace-peace".

Let us be mindful during this season of giving to freely give away the nature of Christ to a hopeless and dying world who crave to be treated with the precious attributes of the Heaven Father and His Unspeakable Gift, the LORD Jesus Christ!