(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Matthew 8:23-27.  We learned about giving in lesson #137.  All aspects of creation are a stream of revelation meant to increase the comprehension of fallen man about his Creator.  Taking the individual revelation of one member of creation and focusing on its message is the origin of idolatry.  The sun provides rivers of revelation to the earth, enlightening some to the point where they concentrate on its message about God and make an idol of the sun.  ALL creation has a common motive, when combined, that paints a beautiful tapestry of the One True God---the Unbegotten Father and His Begotten Son!  We are not left to wonder Who God is---ALL creation shout His Name loud and clear every day!  By giving to us knowledge about the ineffable Creator, we learn that His Nature is to give.  He intends for us to receive of His Nature that we may, in turn, give it away.  By giving His Nature to those in our sphere of influence, we "create" a capacity to receive more.  

In our scripture reference, we see that there was a storm.  The waves were crashing, the wind was tempestuous to the point where the diciples were convinced they were all going to perish.  They did not reason that the winds and the waves still know His Name.  Their focus was what the creation was going to do to them rather than believing His Name and Nature; that He was the Head of the storm.  Jesus was asleep in the boat.  Was He tired?  Did He need physical rest?  He was not tired and did not need rest.  He was totally unimpressed with natural circumstances; He didn't even recognize there was a storm.  Jesus was asleep because He was resting in the Father's Headship which had everything under control.  We think Jesus should some how be involved in our storm, but He's asleep.  "Why doesn't He do something?"  "Doesn't He know I'm about to perish?"  We don't like the reclined, horizontal position of rest and we especially get angry when Jesus is resting in OUR storm.  We like control, order, arrangement.  We suppose that He should do something, but, He is at peace, knowing the Father is controlling everything.  The storm, wind and waves are streams of revelation to teach us that Jesus is at peace.  Notice that He rebuked the winds and the sea. Did the natural creation need rebuking?  He rebuked the devils in the natural creation that use it to stir us up and get our minds leaning on our own understanding.  The wind and the sea were praising God but He rebuked the devils that were causing the diciples to frantically find some solution.  

This portion of scripture teaches us to not concentrate and become fixated on the storm but to rest in His perfect Headship of Peace.  In another gospel He said, "Peace, be still"  Peace is only one word away.  If He wants peace, He will speak, "Peace".  We are to be grateful for everything just the way that it is.  Every "thing" is a stream of revelation that, if handled correctly, will deepen our understanding and allow us to comprehend more about our awesome Creator!  We are not left ignorant regarding the Nature of God---He continually speaks to us about Himself by using His creation!