(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read I Peter 2:9.  The phrase "show forth" means to demonstrate publicly.  We are to demonstrate because we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, and a peculiar people.  We demonstrate in church for these very reasons.  Participation in a church worship service gives the Bride an opportunity to demonstrate her unique status as a holy nation, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, and a chosen generation.  Why do we demonstrate in church?  Because we are these four things.  

Please read John 6:31-33 and 51.  Speaking to the people that followed Him, Jesus declared Himself to be the Bread of Heaven.  He compares Himself to the bread (corn) that the Father provided in the wilderness during Israel's exodus from Egypt.  You will remember that a jar of this bread (manna) was put inside the Ark of the Covenant.  He was saying that He is the Manna, the Corn, the Provider that satisfies the hunger of Israel. Just as He was in the wilderness to give food for Israel, He had come in flesh to do the same thing.  In verse 58, He goes on further to say that He didn't appear on earth to satisfy the natural hunger of Israel, but to provide spiritual, eternal bread for the soul and spirit of Israel.  

Please read Matthew 12:1-8.  We read that Jesus was in a corn field on the sabbath day.  Why was He in a corn field?  The Father led Him there because He desired to demonstrate a spiritual principle.  Jesus is the Corn of Heaven and wanted the Pharisees to see this.  Where did the Pharisees come from?  They were following Him for one reason:  to accuse Him of violating the law and belittling His declaration that He was (is) the Son of God!  When the diciples began to eat of the corn, the Pharisees pounced on Jesus, pointing with their accusatory fingers, charging Him with violating the law.  The law says, "thou shalt and thou shalt not".  The law is for the purpose of exposing sin;  showing what is right and wrong.  In verse 6 He proclaims that He is greater than the law.  Verse 7 tells us why---because He came to have mercy and show forth love, light, and life so that life could be preserved.  Put another way, mercy and grace supersede the law to preserve life.  He descended from off the Mercy Seat (the Father's Headship) to provide a greater alternative to the law in the form of mercy and grace.  The Old Testament was a dispensation of the Law which had no mercy.  Jesus came to usher in a new dispensation (New Testament) where the emphasis was (is) mercy and love for the purpose of preserving life.  You will remember the woman caught in the act of adultery.  The crowd brought her to Jesus and demanded that she be stoned---according to the law.  Jesus wanted to preserve her life through Mercy and Grace and forgave her sin.  Mercy and Grace always supersede the Law.  He was the Corn that came from Heaven to show  Mercy.  In verse 3 and 4, He explains that it was unlawful for David to eat of the shewbread while fleeing from Saul.  To preserve his life, he ate and was not judged according to the law.  A greater "law" was demonstrated---Mercy and Grace!  

The Old Testament (Mosaic) Tabernacle was a picture and shadow of the more perfect Tabernacle, Jesus Christ.  If you were to superimpose Jesus on the Mosaic Tabernacle,  His Head would be at the Holy of Holies.  Jesus' Head consists of two pieces of furniture:  the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat.  The manna (corn) was in a jar inside the Ark along with the tables of stone (the law).  The Ark is a representation of the Aaronic Law.  The Mercy Seat rested on top of the Ark and is a picture of the Melchisedec Priesthood.  Below is the law, above is mercy.  Mercy "crowns" the Law or Mercy supersedes the Law.  In the corn field, Jesus was demonstrating that He was the Melchisedec Priest that descended from off the Mercy Seat---that He was greater than the Law!   So powerful!!!  Jesus IS the Melchisedec Priest!  The Bible states that "love covereth a multitude of sins".  Mercy, Grace, Love, Light and Life from the Melchisedec Priest has the power to forgive sin and preserve life!  

Please read Hebrews 7:1-3.  The Son of God met Abraham when returning from the slaughter of the kings.  He was given two names in these verses:  King of Salem (Peace) and the King of Righteousness.  To be continued in subsequent lessons. . . . .