#149 (1/17/18)

                                                                                       (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Philippians 4:8.  We read of a seal of 6 things the Bride should think on.  He wants us to have recurring personal involvement with His wonderful works and miraculous interventions in our spiritual lives.  By thinking, pondering what the LORD has already done we experience anew the events when His influence changed everything.  Exposing our minds to and  having a personal encounter with past interpositions of the LORD, generates gratitude.  The things that the Bride should think on are things that glorify, beautify, and revere the LORD and His unmatched Son.  Remember, by dwelling on our past failures and wrong choices we exalt ourselves above His wonderful Name.  He is the HEAD over all our shortcomings!

Notice that the Bride is to think on things that are true.  This word true is "emet" or truth.  As we travel along we find that there is a fence of truth (emet) around us; we truly can not do what we want to do.  We run into truth or the "limit".  Truth is a boundary set around the human heart for the express purpose of preserving life.  This boundary, this control, is what we are to think on.  El Shaddai is the Limit!  El Shaddai is the emet truth!  The Bride has gratitude for the fence, limit, boundary of truth around her heart.  

Please read Psalm 55:6.  David had a desire to fly away from the fence that surrounded his heart.  When our flesh gets heaved up and glaringly rears its ugly head, it wants to fly away from the constraint, restraint of the truth.  The fence, though, does not capitulate to the flesh.  It goes right on keeping us from fleeing.  

Please read Ephesians 4:8.  We are captives because of the consequences of what happened at Calvary's Cross.  Captivity has a new fence of truth that holds it captive within the boundaries set by God and El Shaddai.  The LORD controls the fence.  He is the gatekeeper of what is let in and out.  Lucifer  was allowed through the fence of truth around Job after he complained about not having access to God's captive (Job).  The LORD has supreme control over access to His captives.  The fence is opened when the LORD sees an opportunity for maturation of the captive.  The LORD allowed Lucifer within the fence to generate spiritual growth in Job.  Likewise, the same is true with the Bride.

Please read Matthew 26:31-35.  Notice what Peter said:  "I will never be offended" and "yet will I not deny thee".  He said inside of his fence, "I will not".  The LORD simply did not respond or argue.  The Father determined Peter needed his fence opened.  The LORD gave him a "garden" experience.  Read on in the same chapter to verse 46.  Notice in verse 37 that Jesus took Peter - - - the names of the sons of Zebedee aren't  mentioned.  In verse 40, Jesus directly asks Peter the question. We can deduce from the text that this experience was just for Peter.  Three times Jesus comes to Peter and finds him asleep - - - three times Peter denied the LORD by not supporting Him in prayer.  He experienced the truth of what Jesus had spoken hours before:  you will deny me thrice.  The LORD puts experiences in our fence to confirm the truth He has already spoken.  Theory is not enough; the Bride must experience the truth so it becomes her own.  The Father controls the fence.  When He sees our need to experience the truth, events and situations are allowed in:  to confirm what has already been spoken by Him and His Son.  This is what we are to think on:  the boundary of truth around our heart that is preserving our life!  Hallelujah!!!