#152 (1/24/18)

                                                                                              (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read John 8:30-44.  We have learned in previous lessons that if one desires a marriage union with the LORD (as the Bride does) the relationship with God will be one of restraint.  He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.  He is the emeth TRUTH,  restraining and fencing in the carnal headship and authority of man.  In verse 40, Jesus explains that He has told them the truth (emeth).  In verse 41, they throw an insult in His face regarding his parents, Mary and Joseph; that He was the product of fornication.  Jesus, in verse 44, goes on to say that He was born in the image and likeness of God - - - male and female.  Their father, the devil, abode not in the truth; he didn't want to be restrained.  He cast off the restraint of the truth, turning the truth into a lie (no restraint).  He murdered the truth.  Truth then became a lie, unrestrained, no fence.  He accused them of casting off the restraint of the truth as Lucifer did (in other words, rejecting Him). They became enraged.  

Adam male and female were restrained within the boundaries of the Garden of Eden.  The serpent wanted them to cast off their restraint and murder the truth (which they did).  Truth is restrained, a lie is unrestrained.  Lucifer cast off the truth while at his position in heaven.  He wanted to ascend and be like the Most High.  He was summarily expelled from his position and heaven.  By his action, he changed the truth into a lie by craving unrestraint.  Adam male and female (as well as us) were given the same choice:  be restrained or not.  In order to be unrestrained, one must first cast off the truth and murder it.  They were told that they would be as gods - - - unrestrained.  They were convinced that being restrained was not the best for them.  

Please read Romans 1:18.  "Who hold the truth (emeth) in unrighteousness"; not allowing the truth to restrain.  When a Christian agrees to be a candidate for the Bride and the New City, when he agrees to be in the personal presence of Jesus Christ and the Father throughout eternity, he is also agreeing to an earthly life of restraint.  To be a child of God is to live in a fence, a boundary, restrained from carnal authority and headship.  The restraint is directed at the old man; freedom and preservation of life is found in restraint.