#153 (1/28/18)

                                                                                          (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Exodus 20:5 and Deuteronomy 4:24.  In this lesson, we will be learning about jealousy.  Jealousy originates with the LORD (in an uncorrupted form).  Being jealous can be a good thing, conversely, it can be a bad thing.  The word jealous in both of the preceding scriptures is kaw-naw - - - to be jealous, envious, or ambitious.  Jealousy is a strong desire and can be a holy emotion.  It can be used for good to further our spiritual progress.  In the case of fallen mankind, his entire being ( and all his emotions ) are going in the wrong direction; toward self.  Everything that is wrong now used to be right and flowing in the right direction; toward God.  Because of Him, our jealousy, being influenced and cleansed by the Blood, can be a good thing.  When He steps into our being, all of our emotions come to a screeching halt and begin to roll toward Him.  All things exist ( cleansed jealousy ) because of Him.  As a result of His disgraceful and ignominious death, His claim of being the Owner of mankind is undisputed.  As Owner, He demands His rights and takes away ours.  He first created and then bought man; double ownership.  He wants us to be dependent on Him and independent from the world and our own forms.  The Bride said in Canticles, "I am my Beloved's", meaning, "I am dependent".  

The LORD is a jealous God, also, a consuming fire.  He wants to burn up all our plans and forms of independence and surrender to His Headship through dependence.  

Evil fear and ambition is zeal in reverse.  Both of these accompany corrupt jealousy.  Zeal to make your name known and ambition to project self are traits of fleshly independence from God.  Corrupt zeal is doing something where our name is attempted to be made known.  Please read 2Samuel 18:17-18.  Absalom, a picture to us of ambition, erected a pillar in honor of his own remembrance.  His claim was that he had no son who would honor his memory.  Please read 2Samuel 14:27.  It is recorded that he had 3 sons.  Absalom was saying that he had no sons who were worthy to project his name.  Projecting self is at the core of ambition.  Zeal can be cleansed to make His Name known.

Please read John 2:13-25.  Jesus was jealous of the Father's house and His Name, so He displayed zeal to cleanse the Temple.  He desires for us to do the same with our own "temple".   Zeal to keep our temple clean from the soiling of the world.  He wants us to guard, protect and watch, with zeal and jealousy, the temple of the Holy Ghost - - - our own bodies.