#154 (2/7/18)

                                                                                    (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please Exodus 31:1-5.  We read in verse 3 that Bezaleel was given not only wisdom and knowledge to construct the Tabernacle, but also understanding.  There are two forms of understanding related to this verse.  The first form is the Hebrew word "to-boo-naw".  This understanding has an association with the inner form of truth.  Great sculptors have experienced the ability to see the form within a block of granite and simply release the form to be viewed by God and man.  They have "understanding" to perceive a hidden object in a rough-hewn state.  Bezaleel was given this type of understanding regarding the furniture of the Mosaic Tabernacle.  The second form of understanding is "bee-naw".  Whereas the first type was related to the inner form, this second understanding has to do with the outer symbol.  First, inner form of truth (to-boo-naw).  Second, the outer, symbolic form of truth (bee-naw).    The outward form of truth is an expression, a representation, of the inner blueprint.  The LORD gave Bezaleel the inner blueprint, the ability to perceive the shape and form of the blueprint.  He was given baskets of gold, silver, brass, and stones and was able to "see" the inner form.  Then he was able, through understanding, to fashion, build, and construct a Tabernacle.  The Tabernacle was a symbol, a picture, shadow, type of the Son of God.  

The LORD wants to build the Stature of the Son of God, our own personal Mosaic Tabernacle within us.  To do this we are presented with situations that provide the blueprint.  Within every circumstance and personal event there is truth that will allow, if perceived and received, the building of this structure in our hearts.  Truth is veiled in any number of situation that have to do with love, loss of love, the house, the car, money, relationships, etc.  As Bezaleel looked at all this metal, he must have wondered how he was supposed to build a tabernacle out of all this chaos.  Like as we, he might have imagined his own plan and "better way" to produce this stature.  He very easily could have added to or subtracted from the blueprint.  We do the same thing.  If we could build a tabernacle minus any pain and discomfort the New City would have to be increased exponentially to hold all the residents.  Our "plans" and "better way"  are not part of the inner truth or understanding.  When the inner blueprint is altered, the symbolic form is also changed.  Try to imagine what the Mosaic Tabernacle would have looked like if Bezaleel struck out on his own, relying on his interpretation of the truth.  Would it had been an accurate depiction of the Son of God?-?-?  The LORD had a blueprint of truth regarding Adam male and female in the Garden.  They added and subtracted and the outer, symbolic truth was vastly altered.  They lost their glory and became mortal.

The LORD wants to give us understanding in both forms so we can look at the chaos in our lives, perceive the truth, and build a Tabernacle within our hearts.  The objective is to allow the new man (Jesus) to grow in full stature so He can present us to the Father.  We must be just like Jesus in order to have a relationship with the Father.  No one comes to the Father, except through the Son.  This means a Tabernacle (Jesus) must be built out of all the chaos around us.  Bezaleel made a Tabernacle out of chaos - - - through understanding we can do what Bezaleel did!  He was able to "see" the Tabernacle before it was built.  He used the metal in its confused, disorderly arrangement and produced a stunningly beautiful representation of the Son of God.  God has the blueprint for how the Tabernacle should be built in each one of our hearts.  Through understanding, we can allow the LORD to build that Tabernacle.