#156 (2/14/18)

                                                                                       (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

                                Note:  This lesson is an extension of the principle introduced in #154.  Please read #154 if necessary.

There are two types of understanding.  In Hebrew, understanding is "to-boo-naw" and "bee-naw".  To-boo-naw is the inner form of truth, the blueprint.  Bee-naw is the outward symbolic form of truth.  Please read Revelation 22:19.  We are given a warning not to alter the inner blueprint of truth, the Word.  Adding to or  subtracting from the Word would be forms of altering the truth.  Adam male and female altered the Word, the inner blueprint of truth.  Their glory fire that accompanied the blueprint disappeared and the outward symbol was dramatically changed from its original purity.  

Please read Exodus 31:1-5.  Bezaleel and Aholiab were given "understanding" to bring the inner blueprint inside them, given by God, to the outward form and symbol.  As they labored to produce this transformation from inner to outer, fire and glory guided their hands to ensure the product would be an accurate depiction of the blueprint.  Glory and fire are companions to the production of the outward symbol.  Adam male and female received a glory fire covering when the blueprint was made manifest in the Garden of Eden.  The Father commanded and the Son created man from the blueprint the Father gave Him.  When the blueprint was altered, the glory fire disappeared and a new inferior form of man was introduced.  The symbol of the blueprint was recast in an inferior form.  

Please read  Matthew 7:21-23.  In verse 23, the LORD reprimands those who claim a relationship with Him by calling them workers of iniquity.  Put another way, He is rejecting the ones who used iniquity to alter the truth and the symbol of truth.  Iniquity is a small, subtle bending to serve the intents of the heart.  He is excoriating those who recast and remade the inner blueprint of truth through iniquity.  Separation from God is caused by iniquity.   

Please read Matthew 4:3-11.  Here we read about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness.  What was the temptation?  It is revealed in all His answers to His arch enemy.  The devil used scripture in subtlely altered forms to tempt Jesus to accept the altered form (iniquity) and be guilty of changing the outward symbol.  Jesus was having none of it!  He consistently responded to the altered truth with the full, real, and given blueprint of truth.  He threw the blueprint right back in the devil's face!  What happened?  Verse 11 says, "then the devil leaveth him."  We can learn a lesson here.  By quoting the truth, the scriptures, in their pure form, we can face down the enemy whose goal is to entice us to bend the truth.  

Please read 2Corinthians 11:14.  The word light is "ore".  Satan comes to us with counterfeit ore light to tempt us to vary from the blueprint.  He seeks to lead us into a "higher revelation" with this light so we bend the truth, thus recasting it in to another form.  Glory fire accompanies the blueprint.  From there we are encouraged to do good works .  True works include the fire of God's glory that shoots out and affects those involved in the good work.  Legitimate works are attached to the blueprint by the presence of the fire.  Why do you think Nebuchadnezzar wanted to throw the 3 Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego into a fiery furnace?  He wanted to overcome and subdue the fire that was shining off them when they obeyed the truth and refused to bow down to his image.  Their fire overcame the natural fire of the furnace and they remained untouched.  They produced a work that was attached to the blueprint of truth to not bow down to idols!  

The answer is the Cross, the blueprint of Truth.  Trying to make sense of outward circumstances is futile.  Getting changed is the objective.  When we go to the Cross and repent, we are embracing Truth.  The natural consequence of that is having light and fire emanating from our being that will consume the wood, hay and stubble in the old man.  In addition, the glory will make an imprint on those around us as we perform legitimate good works.