#158 (2/25/18)

                                                                                          (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Matthew 7:24-27.  We have learned in a previous lesson that there are two building foundations:  rock and sand.  There are four similarities between the wise man and the foolish man who built their homes.  First, they heard about building a house.  Second, they saw a need to build their respective homes.  Third, each of the homes was exposed to the test.  Lastly, each man believed in the house they had built.  We also learned that the command to build was "daw-bar" word.  Daw-bar is a Hebrew word that is defined as word given without understanding, no explanation, a command that is simply to be obeyed.  The LORD speaks in this fashion to provoke His creation to investigate and search for the understanding that goes along with the command.  He gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge of Him and grow in our capacity to understand how He operates.  He desires for us to expand and develop.  Growing in knowledge never stops.  Our entire Christian lives should be dedicated to growing in grace and truth.  The learning should never cease.  Our capacity for Him should always be distending, amplifying, evolving.  

The test was the same for each house.  The wise man who built on the rock received a blessing when the rain came.  Conversely, the foolish man who built on the sand received judgement.  The rain is a picture of fruitfulness and prosperity.  Both of these can either be a blessing or a curse - - - depending on the foundation of the house.  Sand is a picture of building on human headship and authority.  Fruitfulness and prosperity were a curse to the one who built on his own headship.  They were a blessing to the one who built on the "craggy" point of a rock.  Notice that fruitfulness and prosperity are a test, a storm, an opportunity to proclaim His Headship.  

Building a home on the point of a craggy rock is a testament to the miraculous power of the Rock.  We are given the enviroment to build.  Gratitude for things just the way they are is building on the craggy rock.  Gratitude and thanksgiving are the ingredients that produce a home that is solid and stalwart in the face of testing and trials.  We are given a command (daw-bar) to build.  It is up to us to expand our capacity for Him and understand the why's and the wherefore's.  By giving daw- bar commands He is giving us the opportunity to increase our knowledge of Him.  A blind man came to Jesus desiring to be healed.  He annointed his eyes and told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam.  He gave a command that was to be obeyed - - - no explanation.  The healing of the man's blindness depended upon him simply obeying the command and somehow finding the pool.  He had to increase his understanding by figuring out how to get there.  It was a long journey from the temple to the pool; even longer for someone blind.  But he obeyed and was eventually healed.  Many times we don't "understand" and our blindness is a hinderance to our healing.  We don't have to understand - - - just obey and the healing will come along by and by.  In between the command and the healing, we can increase our capacity for knowledge and give gratitude for things just the way they are.  The blind man, all the way to the pool was giving thanks and praising God for his blindness.  How do we know this?  He made it to the pool and was healed!  This is building on a craggy rock:  Praising and giving thanks to the LORD for things just the way they are!  It is His wonderful, miraculous Headship and Authority that balances our house on the point of the craggy rock (Jesus).