#159 (2/28/18)

                                                                                      (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Psalm 37:5.  All theoretical knowledge regarding the LORD will remain on the earth when we, individually, are called home.  Only empirical knowledge will be taken with us.  The truth that we have made our own, through experience, as a part of our stature, will climb with our soul and spirit upon release of this earthly body.  We cannot say that we will know where to go and what to do once we leave the body and enter heaven.  This is why it is so very important to experience the Word, gain empirical knowledge, make as much of the theories of the truth a part of our stature as we can.  We will know what to do and where to go because we practiced ON EARTH!  The Bride at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb went to the low place because she practiced doing so while in the body.  She had experience in elevating the Bridegroom and not competing for His praise and adoration by lifting up self.  It behooves us to employ the theories of the Word of God and make them our own.  The word commit, in the aforementioned verse, means a roll.  Please read Psalm 40:7. "Volume" is also defined as a roll.  There is a book that has volumes or rolls; a book full of rolls.  Each roll is God's Purposive Will for each individual, provided each day.  Every day the LORD unravels a roll, a pre-written, pre-determined path that unfolds as we walk through that day.  As the roll unravels, things move from the invisible to the visible.  One day a roll said that we would receive an invitation to be in the Bride and we would know how to get there through another invitation by seeing the Stature of the LORD Jesus Christ in the Mosaic Tabernacle.  The rolls says who we meet, when, and how.  As each hour unfolds, the LORD brings to pass what is written on the roll.  

Our ministry, our job description, as the roll unfurls, is to make His Name known throughout the entire day.  God's Purposive Will, His Way, is a Way of Love.  Sometimes His Love is manifested in a form of dicipline.  Parents know this; that dicipline is given out of love so the child doesn't grow up to be a monster and menace to society.  God's Way has highs and lows, His love, likewise, has highs and lows.  Whatever the roll speaks at any given time, whether high or low, we are to bless, praise, and thank His wonderful Name.  By doing so we assist Him in fulfilling a debt He owns to Himself:  His commitment to make His Name known.  By exalting and elevating His Name we are producing righteous works.  Said another way, the Bride is embroidering her white linen.  Embroidery is produced by the action (piercing) of a needle.  When the roll called for dicipline by the piercing of a needle, the Bride performed her ministry and made His Name known.  When His Name is exalted, fine linen is being made.  Acquiring fine linen is not done by enduring pain, but rather, by what is done in the pain.  Commit each day, roll toward the LORD, make fine  linen through every event as the roll is opened by proclaiming His goodness, righteousness and lovliness in all things.  The Bride hath MADE HERSELF READY!  She HATH MADE HIS NAME KNOWN!