#163 (3/18/18 morning)

                                                                                              (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

                                                                   (Note:  This is a continuation of #162; please read #162 if necessary)

We have learned that the LORD can be known in two ways:  As a Lover and a Friend.  Knowing Him as a Lover involves experiencing the emotional feelings of His blessed presence.  Conversely, knowing Him as a Friend means the feelings are removed and we experience Him as a Companion.  We have a tendency to base our "victory" upon the presence of emotion and feeling.   The absence of emotion and feeling does not mean there is no victory.  He has simply moved us over to the "Friend" side so we can talk and converse with Him; get to know Him further as a Companion.  

Please read Luke 14:7-10.  Notice in verse 10 He calls His Friend to come higher.  His Friend (the Bride) was sitting in her most comfortable spot; the place she felt most familliar with.  She had learned on planet earth to take the low place as a servant to Him and others.  Notice also He did not say, "Lover, come higher".  It's the Friend relationship that qualified the Bride to come higher.  The Bride must experience Jesus as a Companion and Friend.  This means she is not enamored with the emotion and feeling, but, with Him!  Please also note in verse 10 that the Bride will be the recipient of worship by those called to this event.  She has been so transformed by Him that she has become like Him, to the point where she will receive praise and worship just  like her Friend.  

Please read John 15:9-11.  Here He is presenting to us the qualities of being His Bride (Friend).  He is expecting her to be faithful, devoted, friendly with Him minus the euphoric feelings of emotion.  Simply put, keep the commandments!  The Bride is steadfast, committed, and loyal to her Wonderful Friend through prayer and staunchly walking in the light of His commandments.  Remember, no feeling does not mean no victory.  We can walk a very victorious spiritual walk, without the sway of emotion, by being unwavering in our practice of His commandments.  Jesus has NOT forsaken the human heart just because it does not "feel" Him.  He has simply moved us over to the Friend side for the purpose of knowing Him as a Comrade and Companion.  Once we understand these two types of relationship, we can move freely from side to side, as He purposes, and not accuse Him of any wrongdoing.  He desires for us to know Him BOTH as a Lover and a Friend.  We no longer engage in mental gymnastics trying to figure out where He went.  He didn't go anywhere - - - He moved us over to the Friend side!  Glory be to God!