#164 (3/18/18 evening)

                                                                                       (Note: this lesson is a continuation of #163)

We can know Jesus as a Lover and a Friend.  The human heart has a need for acceptance and approval.  As Christians, we have that need fulfilled by either the LORD or by other humans (which will eventually fail for humans cannot meet the emotional needs of another human).  By seeking the LORD in a Friend relationship, our hands are not extended outward toward humanity but, are lifted up in praise and adoration to Him.  When our needs are met through Jesus, we can be a friend despite others' rejection and accusation.  Being a friend to another is not contingent upon whether or not we are liked.  Friendship with others can flow FROM me; it doesn't have to flow from others TO me.  EVERYONE is a friend because the need for acceptance and approval has been met by being a friend with Jesus.  

Please read Matthew 22:11-12.  Not wearing a wedding garment was a deliberate insult to the King.  The act was insolent, contemptible, and disrepectful.   When in the presence of a King, proper attire is required.  The man showed his disdain for the King by being improperly dressed.  Despite all this, in verse 12, the King calls him Friend.  

Please read Matthew 26:47-50.  Jesus, the essence of the Name, the epitome of kindness and purity, the One Who knew the Father as a Friend, called His betrayer Friend. He needed someone to betray Him to the authorities so He could redeem mankind, so, indeed, Judas was a Friend.  Betrayal is an opportunity to do the will of God and fulfill your purpose on the earth.  When adversity comes, we have a tendency to close up and retreat, withdraw into ourself.  Jesus was unaffected by Judas' rejection.  In the face of His adversity, His friendship with the Father flowed out from Him and He called Judas, Friend.  Everyone is a friend because my emotional needs have been met by knowing Him as a Friend.