#175 (5/20/18 morning)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

This sermonette is primarily about David, so let's turn to 2Samuel 24:10.  David confessed with his own words to the LORD that he had sinned by numbering the people.  David was the king and leader of Israel.  As such, he had a dual responsibility to repent for sin;  as leader and for self.  A leader's sin effects who he is leading.  In this case, the sin of David redounded unto Israel.  

Please read 2Samuel 24:1.  Here we see why David numbered Israel.  First, God was angry with the nation and secondly, God moved David to do so.  

Going further in the story, please turn to 1Chronicles, chapter 21, verse 1.  The LORD was angry with Israel and had an instrument He could use to judge the nation---Satan.  The LORD moved David through Satan.   Now let's find out why God was angry.  

In 2Samuel 15:1-6, we read about how Absalom, David's son, used his charisma to steal the hearts of the men of Israel.  In verse 6, the word "stole" means to deceive and use deception.  The LORD was angry with Israel because they rejected the anointed king and were willingly influenced by deception.  Absalom leads a revolt against his father and David has to flee Jerusalem.  Please read 2Samuel 16:15.  Look what the verse says:  "and all the people and the men of Israel came to Jerusalem".  Israel made Absalom their king!  They anointed him themselves---never mind there was already an anointed king who was fleeing for his life. 

There is a battle between David and Absalom and David prevailed.  Please read 2Samuel 19:10.  Because Absalom was killed, Israel reacted (verse 9 of chapter 19).  There was strife throughout all the tribes of Israel.  Someone gets a revelation and says they need to go get David back to Jerusalem to be king.  Later, in chapter 19, Judah brings the king back and Israel gets angry about not being involved with David's return.  In chapter 20, verses 1 and 2, they again reject David and turn to Sheba "a man of Belial"!  They rejected David as king twice!  God was angry because Israel never repented of their sin of rebellion and rejection of the anointed king.  You reap what you sow.  You get whipped by what you sin by.  God used David to bring judgment on Israel because they did not repent.  The very one they twice spurned and repulsed became the instrument to bring judgment on the nation. 

In 2Samuel 24:3, Joab knew it was wrong for the king to number the people, and says so to David.  Verse 4 tells us that the "king's word prevailed against Joab, and against the captain's of the host".  David had a group of very influential diplomats telling him not to number the people but, out of his own pride, being moved by Satan and ultimately God, the event happened.  Seventy thousand men lost their lives to pestilence as a consequence of David's pride (24:15).  Who died?  The ones who rebelled against the anointed king and never repented.  Again, a leader has a dual responsibility to repent for his personal sin and the sin committed as a leader.