#176 (5/20/18 evening)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read 2Samuel 24:18-24.   In verse  18, we see that Araunah the Jebusite had a threshingfloor.  Next, in verse 20, Araunah sees the king coming toward him.  David, in verse 24, offers to buy the threshingfloor and the oxen for 50 shekels of silver.  

Please read 1Chronicles 21:18-25.  In verse 18, Gad tells David to go see Ornan the Jebusite.  Ornan sees, in verse 20, an angel.  David, in verse 25, gives Ornan 600 shekels of gold for the threshingfloor (the future site of the Temple of God in Jerusalem).  Who is who and what actually happened?  We see an apparent contradiction in this transaction of David.  Was it Araunah or Ornan?  2Samuel says one thing and 1Chronicles says another.  How can this be explained?  Was the threshingfloor bought for 50 shekels of silver or 600 shekels of gold?  

Araunah and Ornan are the same person.  Araunah is a picture of the old man.  Ornan is a picture of the new man.  Araunah had his eyes on earthly things as he saw the king and his servants approaching.  Ornan had his vision lifted up and saw the spiritual angel accompanying David.  One looked down (the old man) and the other looked up (the new man).  Take note also, that the money given was silver by Araunah and gold by Ornan.  The old man is bought, as it were, with silver, or redemption.  The new man is bought with the gold of wisdom.  Redemption is for the old man and wisdom is for the new man.  The prices were vastly different.  The old man gets just a portion of redemption but, the new man gets an overflowing amount of wisdom.  What's the message  here?  The LORD wants us to repent because He has the gold (wisdom) for the new man to build a temple on top of Mt. Moriah. 

The  LORD, from His lofty position, beholds the Christian as a dual person.  He sees the old man and the new man inhabiting the same heart.  The old man sees people (the king) while using his eyesight to concentrate on earthly things.  This needs to be redeemed.  Conversely, the new man sees the angel (spiritual things) while using its eyesight to look past the people and see the LORD.  He wants us to build a Temple of praise with the wisdom given us through the new man.  The gold of wisdom enables us to build our own sanctuary of praise in Jerusalem on top of Mt. Moriah!