#177 (5/23/28)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

 Please read Revelation 19:11-16.  Take note in verse 15 that out of the LORD's mouth "goeth a sharp sword".  The purpose of the sword is to "smite the nations".  The sword that destroys the nations is His Name and Word.  The LORD desires our mouth to be the same as His---the Word and the Name issuing as a sword from the heart into our mouth, causing destruction to the nations that inhabit Canaan's Land.  

Please turn to James and read chapter 3, verse 5.  The unconverted tongue is a "world of iniquity" and is "set on fire of hell".  Instead of iniquity and fiery hell proceeding out of our mouth, God wants to convert this "little member" so His Name and Word discharge, gush out, and overflow with truth and blessing.  Please read Revelation 12:11.  They overcame by having their tongue and mouth converted into a sharp sword!  Our journey to the New City began with a confession---we spoke the Word.  We let our tongue become a sharp sword by simply repeating what He spoke in the Word of God.  We joined our tongue to His tongue and experienced, personally, the truth, the life, and the power of His Sword.  He desires for us to continually experience this as we move on in our spiritual journey.  

In John chapter 12, verse 49, the words spoken by the Son were given to Him through commandment by the Father.  The Father gives the script to the Son (repeating what He had been commanded to speak) and then passes the script on to believer's (who also repeat what the Father has spoken).  These repeated words are "life everlasting".  By simply repeating the Word already given, we have a personal involvement, a real encounter with "life everlasting".  The equation is quite simple:  God speaks + we repeat = life everlasting!  

Please read Judges 6 and 7.  This is a familiar story about Gideon vanquishing the Midianites.  As you read, notice the many times that Gideon simply repeats what the LORD speaks to him.  He joins his mouth and tongue to the same of the Father; a sword went out of his mouth to destroy the nations (Midian).  Victory came by repeating what had already been spoken by the LORD.  Gideon had a personal encounter with "life everlasting"!