#179 (5/30/18)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

(Note:  a milestone has been reached; this sermonette is the one-hundredth lesson on this website!)

Please read Revelation 12:1-6.  The key to understanding this portion of scripture is knowing that the scene alternates between heaven and earth.  There is a woman in heaven and on the earth.  The woman in heaven is the Bride of Jesus Christ, the woman below is the church.  The heavenly woman ( Bride) is just a part of the church, the church on the earth is driven into the wilderness.  

The heavenly woman, the Bride, is clothed with the sun, is standing atop the moon, and is wearing a crown of twelve stars.  Spoken another way, she is clothed with the glory of her deeds, standing on the humility foundation of the Father, crowned with the 12 governmental names of the Son along with His Headship and Authority.  The 12 names of the Begotten Son rule her.  

Please read Matthew 21:1-5.  Jesus, at this point in His life, would be considered a failure by the world.  In their eyes, He had accomplished nothing that was noteworthy.  He had not attained what any "normal" 33-year-old man would by now.  He was poor and owned nothing.  He was walking in the place of humility during His visit to earth with the moon (the Father) under His feet.  Moon glory of the Father radiated out of every step---every humility step.  In His humble position, relative to the Father, He demonstrated His omnipotent power and authority by telling the two diciples what to expect and what to say.  He ruled His night season with the 12 governmental names of His crown and the moon glory foundation.  The owner of the foal and ass would give them to the two diciples if they just repeated His words.  The words of Christ would bend the will of the owner to give over the animals.  Likewise, the Bride rules her humility night with the Names of the Begotten Son and the moon glory of the Father under her feet.  

Leviathan hates that we repeat what the LORD has already spoken.  They have the power to bend the will of those around us plus, they bend the will of the person speaking.  He is insanely jealous of the praise and worship we give Jesus, the Son of God. The Bible is replete with words that have already been spoken by God.  With a crown of twelve stars and the moon under our feet, we have the power to bend the will by repeating those words and being compliant to the will and way of God Almighty.  Repeating the words of God has power to shape and bend the most contrary will (our own)!  The two diciples just did what Jesus said to do:  they were obedient (verse 6).  By being obedient and speaking the words of God in our humility night we can shape our own will and those around us. Notice, in verse 4 and 5, Matthew says all this was done to fulfill scripture.  Jesus knew that by fulfilling scripture from a former prophecy, He was ushering in His eventual rejection and death.  He ruled His night season with Humility Joy, not concerned with the result of fulfilling scripture.  His satisfaction came in just doing the will of His Father, knowing it would lead to His crucifixion.  The result of obedience did not control Him; doing the will of the Father supporting Him did. 

Humility is not a place to avoid.  It is the place of power, strength, command and rule.  With the Father supporting Him, the twelve names governing Him, and the glory of His deeds surrounding Him, He ruled and fulfilled scripture; taking satisfaction in just doing the will of God. 

What is failure?  It is a word that explains when our own expectations are not fulfilled.  When we don't measure up to the torah of the old man, he pronounces us a failure.  By all earthly standards, Jesus was a miserable failure, yet, He fulfilled scripture, found satisfaction in doing the will of God, and ruled His Humility darkness with the moon glory of the Father.  The Father laid down His will, the Son laid down His will, the Bride lays down her will!  Any humility circumstance is a place to rule.