#187 (7/11/18)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read John 12:23-24.  The word "except" is defined as a condition.  "Fall" means a lighting upon, a new place, a new route, new growth, new experience.  The corn of wheat must die, be slain, be separated.  Around a seed is a shell that must die in order for the new life contained within the seed to spring forth.  The shell is the way things used to be.  The new life is the change.  By releasing the shell and the way things used to be we can accept the change and the joy that will come because of new life, a new relationship.  Dying to the old shell of past pleasure ushers in new pleasures as a new, refreshing relationship buds and blooms.  Release the old to embrace the new!  The new will bear much fruit!  Change will come but it will be positive, joyful, and new.  Regarding close family relationships, if the change is embraced by all then all will grow and become closer in the end.  Being closer to a family member means embracing the change and releasing the old relationship so it can bring forth much fruit in the future.