#188 (7/18/18) 

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Psalm 56:8.  Tears are an indication that the spirit is actively connected to the Holy Ghost.  The spirit of man is what understands God.  It can discern and recognize the invisible, spiritual movements of our celestial Father and His Glorious Son.  When we ask the LORD to "move" on our being, we are asking for God to engage, sweep over, and breathe on the spirit.  When tears flow, the spirit is being influenced, swayed, and provoked by His Sweet Presence.  Tears start in the invisible and move out through the soul and body.  The spirit is weeping when the body is weeping.  It is a very special and precious act to allow tears to flow in His Presence.    So much so, that He collects each one in His bottle.  These tears are the primary substance used to construct the jasper walls of the New City.  Not one tear falls to the ground and is lost; each one He cherishes and rushes to the New City to contribute to the jasper wall.  

Please read Psalm 42:1-4.  Part of the journey is to experience personal circumstances that make us weep (verse 3).  These are given by the hand of a Holy Father to, ultimately, urge the Christian to "go to the house of God" (verse 4).  In Psalm 62:8, David, the Psalmist of Israel, says to "pour out your heart before Him".  Spoken another way, pour out your spirit in liquid tears, weep in contrition and brokennes at His Brazen Feet.  Tears cleanse the eyesight.  Faith and Imagination are refreshed as a result.  

The Apostle John, on the island of Patmos, received the "Great Revelation" when a door was opened in heaven and he was ushered before a throne (Revelation 4:1-2).  Please read Revelation 5:1-4.  While in the spirit, he wept much because no one was found to open the book and to look upon it.  Notice that John is the only one weeping; everyone in heaven knew what was going on---except him.  This experience was just for John to get him to weep.  The LORD desired John to record what he saw for all humanity to read until the return of Jesus Christ.  He wept and wrote the Book of Revelation.  The LORD puts us in places where personal circumstances provoke us to weep.  He manufactures hand-picked events that engage the spirit to cry.  He works on a personal level to deliver situations that crush the spirit so it will ooze tears.  Crying, weeping, and travail are rare in the Christian world in these modern times.  They are a precious thing in the eyes of the Great God.  The world tells us the polar opposite; hold in the tears, tears are a sign of weakness, tears make you less of a man, etc, etc, etc.  The Truth is:  tears are precious and are not wasted.  A beautiful jasper wall is being constructed with them.