#199 (9/23/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Revelation 18:10-11 & 15-20.  Here John is describing a scene that manifests two reactions from two types of people.  Judgments are falling on the earthly Jerusalem; one reaction comes from the merchants and the other comes from the prophets and apostles in heaven.  The merchants are weeping and wailing in earthly sorrow, the prophets and apostles are rejoicing in godly sorrow.  This concomitant event solicits opposite reactions from two very different groups.  Jerusalem is being judged by the Almighty God for teaching the world to reject the Son of God, the Messiah, and for teaching idolatry to the nations.  Yet, some react in joy, others in horror and tears.  Everyone and everything is known by its fruit.  Whatever fruit is produced by a mature tree is what identifies the tree.  An apple (fruit) is produced by an apple tree.  A lemon is produced by a lemon tree, etc.  The fruit of Jerusalem was idolatry.  The judgments of God are righteous and just.  The LORD takes the fruit and puts them into the winepress of heaven.  The cups are either filled with judgments or blessings, depending on the fruit in the winepress.  In Jerusalem's case, her idolatry (fruit) was put in to the winepress of God and judgments were the result.  He took her own fruit and poured it back on her in judgments.  Notice those in heaven were RE-joicing; they had already "joyed" over God's Judgments.  

 Judgments reveal sin and the deception of it.  Judgments also reveal the frailty of man and the "temporalness" of his vaporous life.  When the apostles and prophet had their turn on the stage of this world, they learned the effects of judgments on their "earth".  Judgment led them to contrition and repentance, turning their sinful judgments in to satisfying blessings.  They experienced personal repentance and its positive effects.  Their personal experience told them that judgments recalibrate, readjust, and restore order back to a godly relationship with the LORD.  They knew that His righteous judgments reveal attachments to sin and idolatry.  When the LORD poured out his wrath on Jerusalem, this caused joy and praise on their part because they knew the city would be changed for the good.  

Please read Hebrews 12:6.  God loves His natural and spiritual Bride.  It is His responsibility to cause judgment on both to reveal the sinful attachments that deceive the heart.  Judgments can cause two reactions:  1. repentance 2. wailing, weeping, and blaming.  Speaking of the first, He desires an honest assessment which leads to repentance.  "Where am I wrong?"  "How can I fix this?"  "What do You want me to do?"  After repentance by the Blood, Fire, and Water, comes restoration and joy. Godly sorrow leads to repentance. 

Read verse 19 in chapter 18 again (Revelation).  The merchants were "made rich" by Jerusalem.  Their's was an earthly sorrow because they suffered loss.  God touched their possessions.  They weren't interested in repenting; they were angry because God touched their pleasure.  Godly sorrow over the judgments of God sets everyone free from the attachments of the heart to idolatry and sin. 

#198 (9/19/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

In eternity past there existed the souls and spirits of man in the loins of God in seed form.  In time there are 3 classes of people:  1. sinners  2. foreordained 3. predestinated.  Let's talk about "foreordained" for a moment.  Please read 1Peter 1:18-20.  We see that Christ Himself was foreordained.  This word foreordained means to walk a certain path, prior knowledge, to voluntarily choose.  We see that, since Jesus was foreordained, His journey on earth consisted of continuous, consecutive choices to do the will of God and die on the Cross.  This is substantiated by John 10:15.  He chose to lay down His life for the sheep.  Now read John 6:38.  We see again that Jesus forsook His Own Will so He could choose the Will of the Father.  Further corroboration is found in Matthew 26:39.  He made a choice to stay in the Father's Will; He was foreordained and made choices to do the Will of the Father.  There are also seeds who are foreordained.  As Jesus, these seeds continually choose to make choices for God in time and make spiritual progress as long as they make right choices.  In the event they begin to make wrong choices, their spiritual progress is hindered; many eventually choose against God and His Son and return to the world.  These seeds have the opportunity to be predestinated - - - based upon the choices for God they make.  Please read Ephesians 1:11 and Romans 8:28-30.  We see in Ephesians that some are BEING predestinated and in Romans God DID predestinate.  The foreordained ones are BEING predestinated by their choices in time and God DID predestinate those He did foreknow.  Foreknow  means a prior choice, a prior confession, to limit in advance. Those seeds who made a prior confession (eternity past) He DID predestinate.  Choosing the LORD in eternity past qualified the seed to be predestinated in time. Foreordained seeds are fenced in (predestinated) on a daily basis by right choices. Daily they are building a fence. Those who He DID predestinate come into time with a fence around them because of prior choices.  

We know from prior lessons, 10% of our being is conscious.  90% is unconscious.  In eternity past it was the exact opposite.  The LORD reversed the order when the seed was introduced into time.  For those predestinated, they chose God in 90% of their will.  Time is to get the last 10% converted with right choices.  The status of a seed in time is based upon choices made in eternity past.  This conveys the powerful influence of a right choice.  Those predestinated CHOSE sin so that they could know the Son as a Savior and Redeemer in the remaining 10%, thus making a 100% choice for the LORD (and becoming the Bride).  All seeds were placed in Adam in the Garden of Eden.  When Adam and his wife sinned, the predestinated ones were joyful because they knew the remaining 10% of their will would be converted by right choices when they came in to a body.  Thus, 100% would choose Him and the Bride was a waiting reward.

#196 (9/12/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Opening comments:  We only see properly, naturally and spiritually, when our eyes are full of tears.  Tears wash the eyesight and bring into focus what the LORD is doing in the personal life of a Christian.  Jesus suffered 12 wounds in His Precious Body, creating 12 classes of tears.  Each wound produces a class of tears that the believer can weep for that wound.  In prayer, weeping for the wounds He suffered, the believer "creates" a world around him/her that excludes all opposition and enemy attacks.  As we fellowship His wounds, accepting that we were the cause the wound was inflicted, the heart is wrenched and crushed with repentance and sorrow.  Tears flow that give meaning and understanding about our own wounds.  When the Christian weeps over His wounds, personal wounds become trivial and insignificant compared to the Saviour's cuts and bruises.

In Eternity Past, there were souls and spirits in the loins of God.  In Time, there are 3 types of people:  Sinners, those foreordained, and those predestinated.  There are numerous verses supporting the preceding sentence; too many to expound on each one.  The scriptures given during this lesson will be listed with the hope that the reader will study them all for himself/herself.  

John 3:16, 2Peter 3:9, 1Peter 1:18, John 10:15, John 6:38, Matthew 26:39, Ephesians, 1:11, Romans 8:28-30, 1Corinthians 15:22, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, and Hebrews 7:8-9.  

#197 (9/16/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Images through Social Media and internet websites enter the soul, the temple of the Holy Ghost, and become part of our being.  These images influence the thought life and eventually manifest themselves in speech and deeds.  These images are a powerful force that redirect our eyesight away from God onto the things of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Many times things heard and seen on the computer make their way into personal conduct and communication corrupting good manners.  Remember, Eve LOOKED at the fruit and then DESIRED it!  Looking influenced her soul and spirit, to the point where she desired something forbidden and wrong.  Wrong images turn the heart of a believer to desire the world!  The Christian, in this modern age of computers, must be vigilant, attentive, cautious, and guarded concerning what they look at.  

Please read Genesis 30:25-end of chapter.  This is the story of Jacob and Uncle Laban.  After being deceived by his uncle, Jacob finally receives Rachel and desires to go back home.  Notice in verse 27 what Laban says.  He confessed, essentially, that because Jacob repented of his anger over his deceitful ways toward him, that God blessed him (Laban).  Laban wanted his blessing to continue without changing his evil ways.  Jacob, determined to separate from Laban, makes a deal with him.  They agree that Jacob take the speckled, spotted, brown, and ringstraked of Laban's flocks.  Also take note of verse 35.  Laban removes the weakest, poorest, and most feeble and gives them into the hand of HIS sons, and Jacob continues to look after Laban's flocks.  Later, Jacob returns to his own flocks and puts rods before their eyesight (verse 37).  In this situation, Jacob wanted the Name of the LORD.  The speckled, spotted, brown and ringstraked looked upon the weakest, poorest, most feeble letters of the Hebrew alphabet:  The yod, the hay, the vau, and the hay again.  The rods were the Name of the LORD!  Read verse 43 again.  "And the man (Jacob) increased EXCEEDINGLY"!  Prosperity comes through looking at the Name of the LORD!  True images are transferred into the soul and spirit when gazing upon the Word of God.  His lovliness and holiness, through His Word, produce true prosperity that blossoms in the soul and spirit.  Studying the Word negates the maleficence of the old heart that can cause us to desire the world.   The Word is not maladroit!  The efficacy of the Word is without argument!  It causes the Christian to desire HIM and forsake the world.  Watch your eyes!!!

#195 (9/9/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Philippians 3:10.  Paul writes that it is his desire to first KNOW HIM, regardless whether he is experiencing power and might or suffering and death.  Being exalted or abased, his primary purpose in either condition is to know Him.  Paul did not want to fall in love with the movements of the Spirit as he was moved from high to low or vice versa.  Uppermost, in whatever state he was in, was to learn more about the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Notice that "power of His resurrection" is first.  We, as Christians, need the power and strength from His resurrection to be able to weather the storm of His suffering.  His strength is what allows the believer to walk through his or her personal suffering.  Why must a believer suffer?  Why is a believer taken to a barren place to experience thirst and anguish?  Why was Israel taken to a barren wilderness on the way to Canaan's Land?  The LORD wanted to see if they would fall in love with HIM!  He let them experience suffering to see if He was enough.  Could He fulfill ALL their desires?  They would never had known if suffering hadn't come.  

Man is a 3-fold being; Body, Soul, and Spirit.  He also is blessed with a heart and a will.  The Spirit communicates with and understands the invisible, spiritual world.  The Spirit of man is in constant contact with the good and evil that surrounds the soul and body.  The body is of the earth, terrestrial.  Sin broke the chain of communication between the spirit and the body, although they "sense" one another.  No direct contact is made between the two because of the partition of sin, but, they know each other exists.  Each part (body, soul, and spirit) have 5 senses.  These five senses are the communication system through which all parts talk to one another.  The body, soul, and spirit have their own language called PERCEPTION.  Please read I Thessalonians 5:23.  The author suggests that God sanctify each believer WHOLLY, or, body, soul, and spirit.  Many times Jesus, when He was about to heal someone, would ask them if they wanted to be made whole.  Spoken another way, did they want just a natural healing or did they want a whole healing:  body, soul, and spirit?  In this scripture, the desire of the author is for God to sanctify all 3 parts.  He goes on to say that it is his prayer that the whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless.  In other words, that all five senses of each part be preserved.  The body has 5 senses, the soul has 5 senses, likewise with the spirit.  Sanctify means:  clean, set apart, to offer as a sacrifice.  All fifteen senses should be clean, set apart, and offered as a sacrifice.  Why?  So the entire 3-fold being of man can communicate through the language of perception so each part knows what God is doing.  Clear perception allows the individual to make right choices based on cleansed senses.  The LORD wants to clean up all the senses to restore clear, transparent, diaphanous perception; allowing the Christian to make right choices.  

How is perception achieved in the senses?  Please read Hebrews 13:12, Romans 15:16, and Ephesians 5:26.  The LORD wants the Christian to consecrate, dedicate, and separate the senses with Blood, Fire, and Water.  Go back to the Courtyard of the Mosaic Tabernacle and apply these supernatural substances to the body, soul, and spirit and receive clear perception!