#221 (12/31/18 Watch Night Service)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Hebrews 1:3.  The Son, Who is upholding this present day world, also supported the three previous creations.  He has graciously, with gratitude, taken the low place of supporting and reinforcing the creation while moving the Father's Master Plan forward.  Please read Isaiah 41:10.  As He upholds the creation in general, He has promised to uphold and support each one individually on a daily basis.  His right hand of righteousness moves us forward in the LORD's Master Plan as we travel through Time.  Next, read Psalm 150:1-2.  We read here about the LORD's "mighty acts".  While being supported by the Son, moving forward in His Master Plan, the Father allows us to look back at what was done and not done.  His mighty acts give us the ability to revisit personal events where we blew it and make them right.  Gold, silver, and precious stones can be retrieved traveling back in time to events where we forsook them.  His mighty acts are just that - - - MIGHTY!  The Christian can go back and make things right!  He upholds us with His RIGHT hand - - - the hand of pleasure.  He is excited to support the Christian moving forward in His Master Plan or moving backward to right a wrong.  Either way, He is upholding with His right hand.  

Please read Romans 14:22.  Happy is the man/woman that goes back in time and picks up the silver, gold, and precious stones that were left behind and doesn't comdemn God that He allowed it to happen.  Now read 1 Corinthians 11:28.  Examine the past and go back to the event where extremely valuable items were left. Ask the LORD to bring to remembrance places and circumstances in 2018 where treasure is still to be claimed!

#220 (12/30/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

In Luke chapter 1 verse 46-47 we read part of the response Mary gave to Elizabeth at their meeting.  In verse 46 her spirit DOTH (present tense) magnify the LORD and in verse 47 her spirit HATH (past tense) rejoiced in God her Savior.  Her spirit had been rejoicing over the promise of the Messiah for many centuries as she awaited her turn to come on the world stage and live her natural life.  She joyed over the promise along with praising the LORD that He would eventually join promise and performance.  Praise for the promise leads to performance of the promise.  While she was waiting her turn to be born, in the loins of her forefathers, she praised God for the promise in her spirit.  Praise joins promise and performance. The spirit joins man to God, the body joins man to the earth, and the soul is in between.  Man can climb up in to the heavenlies from earth to God by joining his spirit to God.  The battle is to keep man from doing this.  In other words, the battle is to cut the lifeline of the spirit, keeping man a prisoner to the earth.  Faith, Hope and especially Prayer release man from his prison.  Lack of faith, hope, and especially prayer keep him earthbound.  These are essential in keeping the head in the heavenlies and the feet on the ground.  Without daily prayer, hope, faith, reverence and worship, the earth and its sorrow bind the human heart (these are the five senses of the spirit).  

Please read Isaiah 7:14.  Gabriel did not reprove Mary when she posed a question to Him.  In Luke 1:34 she said, "How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?"  Gabriel went on to explain that the conception would be miraculous and supernatural.  Her womb would be impregnated from the inside by the Holy Ghost.  There was to be no external intrusion in to her womb.  The Holy Ghost would open the door of her womb from the inside.  Notice the performance of the promise would happen supernatually, from the inside, completely independent from outside events and occurences.  Fulfillment of the promise has nothing to do with the outward.  Gabriel told Mary not to look at the natural; something very different was going to happen to her, something miraculous.  A seed (performance) would come from above and open the door of her womb from the inside.  Man has a tendency to grow impatient with God.  He looks on the outside and considers his external circumstances and events, determining when and how the performance should come.  Performance is not based on anything outside, it comes supernaturally from above when the Holy Ghost brings it at the Fathers' bidding.  When the Master Plan is fulfilled, at the appointed time, God steps in and does something extraordinarily supernatural, apart from all exterior happenings.  Keep praising God for the promise because praise leads to the performance!

      #218 (12/18/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Luke 1:26-39.  Please note in verse 39, after her encounter with the angel, she decides to travel 90 miles across the Judean Hills and desert to visit her cousin Elizabeth.  She sought the correct type of fellowship.  Mary and Elizabeth each had miraculous conceptions. Mary wanted to be near someone who understood her circumstance.  Please read verses 46 and 47.  Take note of the words "doth" (present tense) and "hath" (past tense).  Her soul doth magnify (present tense) and her spirit hath (past tense) rejoiced.  Her soul is now magnifying and her spirit has been rejoicing.  Her spirit has been rejoicing over the promise of the immaculate conception of the Messiah throughout her journey as a seed in the loins of her forefathers.  From Adam to the present she has been joying and rejoicing, embracing the promise of the Christ child.  She has been praising God and standing solid in her spirit at the promise.  Her soul is magnifying the LORD, now, because the promise has been joined to the performance.  When Mary stood over the cave of Machpelah and saluted her cousin she became miraculously impregnated by the Holy Ghost.  Promise met Performance.  Look at verse 42 and 43.  Up to this point no mention has been made about the "fruit" of her womb (verse 42) or Mary being a mother (verse 43).  Now Mary's soul could magnify the LORD over the performance as her spirit had been rejoicing over the promise.  When Mary and Elizabeth greeted each other a miraculous conception took place.  Now Mary had a miraculous conception as well as her cousin.  Praise leads to the performance of the promise.  The spirit rejoices over the promise so the soul will recognize the performance.  God gets all the glory in the soul and the spirit when the soul recognizes the performance of the spiritual promise.  

Mary's seed spirit had been defending and warring for the promise thoughout her lineage from Adam to her present situation. She took on an adversarial spirit to war for the promise.  Many times she had to be violent in the loins of her fathers to ensure the promise was properly defended.  She took a stand for the promise of the Messiah that she had been appointed to carry from keh-dem eternity.  An angel just wasn't dispatched by the LORD to go find a suitable candidate in Israel.  No angel scoured the earth to find a young virgin that was eligible to birth the Messiah.  When Mary burst on to the world stage it was time for the Messiah to be born.  She had travelled through many loins and when she was born it was God's ordained time for the Messiah to come to earth.  It was not a haphazard selection; she had been chosen in eternity to carry the Messiah and she violently defended that promise throughout her journey.  

Please read Genesis 3:14-16. A large portion of the modern church swings to one side and worships Mary as diety.  Another portion swings to the other side and puts Mary down for being just a human sinner like everyone else.  Actually, she holds a very unique and praiseworthy place in the human race.  Mary is mentioned in these verses.  Speaking to the serpent, the LORD refers to a woman in verse 15 --- this is Mary.  Mary had to fight and war against the serpent to make sure the promise met performance.  The first battle was when Abel was slain by his brother.  When Abel died, she and the Messiah died with him.  Abel carried all the seeds of humanity, including Mary and Jesus.  God had to resurrect all the seeds and transfer them over to Seth.  This is why Jesus could say, "I will rise AGAIN".  He had been resurrected once before and put in Seth.  Think of Judah and Tamar, Ruth and Boaz, David.  The serpent's mission was to cut off the lineage of the Messiah through any dastardly deed he could think of.  It was Mary who violently warred against the serpent so the promise of the Messiah could meet performance at the meeting of her cousin in Judea.  AWESOME!!!

#219 (12/23/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Luke 1:28-38.  The LORD always executes human events according to His Master Plan.  He is never caught off-guard, surprised or befuddled about what to do next.  In keh-dem eternity, before creation, He formulated His Master Plan and is now in the act of executing it.  Regarding Mary, she was foreordained to be the mother of Jesus the Messiah.  She travelled down through the loins of her forefathers starting with Adam.  As the virgin who would be impregnated by the Holy Ghost and carry the Messiah nine months, she  defended the promise of His birth against the enemy who had declared war on her.  She faithfully stood as an adversary against the serpent, relentless in warfare, attempting to thwart the Master Plan of God.  She holds an admirable and praiseworthy position in the human race; she defended the promise of the Messiah until it met performance and gave mankind a Savior, Christ the LORD!   All of these events happened according to a Master Plan formulated in eternity past.  It wasn't happenstance, coincidence, or  fate; God was not confused when to introduce the world to His Son or who should carry Him.  It was written in the scroll.  

In verse 38 Mary simply makes a choice for God to execute His Master Plan.  She chose disgrace, sorrow, and shame.  The potential Gift would bring scorn, stigma, discomfort, and pain.  Who would believe this story and that it came from God?  She was willing to accept all the discomfort; the promise was going to make her a public spectacle.  The priests knew she was telling the truth when she drank the bitter waters and her belly did not swell and her thigh did not rot.  She was pregnant but had not committed adultery --- the priests and  leaders knew she had experienced an immaclulate conception.  They knew the Messiah was on the way.  The promise of being the Bride of the LORD Jesus Christ also brings with it the same that Mary experienced.  We must embrace the Promise, given in keh-dem eternity, and wait for the performance; all the while warring adversarily against the serpent who desires to thwart God's Master Plan.  Do not allow the enemy to cheat you out of being Jesus' Bride!  Fight for it!  Wait on God to join promise to performance and be wed to the Heavenly Bridegroom!  Embrace the shame, sorrow, pain, disgrace and scorn and defend the promise!  

Please read Matthew 2:11.  Obviously Mary and Joseph had to flee Bethlehem to thwart the plan of the serpent to kill the Messiah.  Mary left her home and her friends.  She eventually had to flee to a foreign country; her life was severely disrupted.  She experienced all this to do the will of God.  She probably yearned for a "normal" life with Joseph but was faithful to endure all the shame, disgrace, and discomfort that the Messiah would become a man and provide salvation for all humanity.  Her actions and choices determined the fate of all mankind!  Mary was willing to be discomforted by an unnormal life, a different  lifestyle.  She always held on to the promise of letting the Christ be birthed, suffering pain and shame to allow the Master Plan to unfold.  Thank You, Mary!

#217 (11/20/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

The Great I AM lives in the NOW; He is present, eternal, He is "being".  All is present and now in the eyes of the Eternal Unbegotten Father.  Creation lives in time as defined by past, present, and future.  The Stature of the Son of God, the Cross, Jesus Christ is suspended between time and eternity (creation and the Father) for the purpose of restoring unity and harmony between the two.  We are commanded to grow up into the Stature of the Son, the more perfect Tabernacle, not made with hands as Moses' Tabernacle was.  As the Christian grows he/she is separating from time and reaching up to find a new home in the NOW, the eternal.  God wants us to live in the NOW!  Getting above time, the Christian learns about the eternity of the Father.  Separating from time by using the Blood, Fire, and Water enables the Christian to leave creation below and delight in the Eternal Cause of all life, the Heavenly Father.  He is the Great I AM.  Made in His Image and Likeness, humans are the little i am.  From the Garden the battle has been which "I am" will be lifted up; the Great I AM or i am.  Why did Jesus come?  He came to deliver humans from their sin and to separate them from time.  Sin and humanity are an anchor around the neck of believer's that holds them fast to the past, present, and future.  

The Christian is told to "give thanks in every thing".  They are also told "by grace are ye saved".  The Name of Jesus means salvation.  By climbing His Stature we experience salvation progressively, daily.  Salvation comes through being separated from time and the events in time.  Grace means gratitude.  Through gratitude and thanksgiving salvation is a reality.  Ingratitude equates into no salvation.  Ingratitude is the beginning or origin of imperfection, gratitude is the beginning of perfection ( PEACE ).  Peace is the evidence of being throughly furnished or saved to the uttermost (His Head).  Giving thanks is making the Great I AM known, the casting off of time.  The Name is a giant circulating, circumcising blade that cuts off the fleshy nature of the believer when he/she gives thanks in the circumstance.  Climbing His Stature and leaving creation behind is not done through complaining and whining.  We are not saved by our objections to what God is doing!  We are saved by grace, gratitude for Christ and His Master Plan.  Climbing the Stature, experiencing salvation is done through the giving of thanks for His Wonderful Name and Headship.  

Peace, victory is not the absence of pain or suffering.  We can have victory in suffering by gratitude.  Jesus, Daniel, and the 3 Hebrew children had victory (peace) in the midst of their personal circumstances.  Victory is peace INSIDE regardless of the storm raging on the outside.  A Christian's Rock, their firm foundation is their relationship with the Son of God on the INSIDE.  Why fret when the Headship of the Father has everything in control?  Peace is present in the storm because the Son and the Father are ruling the storm.  The Christian can have peace and life in the midst of death ---  Joseph being an example of this.  He was in a death situation (prison for doing nothing) but ministered life, empathy and concern to the butler and baker.  He was giving thanks, he was being saved to the uttermost, he was peaceful in the middle of his personal storm.  The whirling, cutting Name circumcised his heart and gave him peace.