(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Pls read Colossians 2:9-11.  In the beginning of our spiritual journey, it is sufficient to have Christ IN us.  As we progress, mature, and grow we develop into a state of us being IN Christ.  Spiritual maturity and growth need a fertile field to expand and develop in; that fertile field is the Old Nature or the Old Man.  Sometimes we may complain about the lack of spiritual growth by claiming that the Word of God does not work; that it works for everybody else except me.  We lament, "I try and try to be a good person, I do everything I'm big enough to do but I just don't see any change!"  Our conclusion is: the Word  of God does not work; I'm no different than I was 20 years ago.  Well, dear friend, we can try and try, and then try again, but the end result will always be the same:  FAILURE!  It is the LORD's "job" to produce a change in our behavior by increasing our capacity for the Word and Spirit through the renewing of the Old Man.  We encroach into His position as "god", fail, then accuse Him for not working when we are doing His job!  The Old Man is to be crucified and put off; it is His work to circumcise and renew the old heart when we are IN Christ.  

We have the capacity to be the Bride of Jesus Christ.  The reservoir containing the substance from which this miracle happens is the Old Heart.  The reservoir is the Old Heart, the substance is sin.  By allowing the Old Heart to be exposed, so we can see it, we have the potential to expand in our capacity for the Word and Spirit.  The Word and Spirit is present in the church to maintain the New Heart.  Enjoying the Word and feeling the Spirit is not necessarily an indication of spiritual growth.  It is possible to go to church and enjoy both of these and NOT grow.  Growing is having the Old Heart exposed, cooperating with God by giving thanks, allowing Him to renew that abused energy (sin) and increasing our capacity for more Word and Spirit.  We should go to church to have our capacity expanded after we've faithfully allowed Him to expose and renew throughout the past week.  Church is not for "maintenance", it is for "expansion".  

In verse 11, the Scripture says, "In whom also ye ARE circumcised...".  There are two parts to this.  The Old Heart is circumcised by theory and it is circumcised by experience.  On the theory side it is given, on the experience side it is received.  A transaction is not complete unless something is given and something is received.  The work has already been completed; the Old Heart has been circumcised and renewed but it is our time, now, to experience the second half of the transaction by receiving through our own experience.  Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day.  All the blood we need to experience the circumcision the the Old Heart has been provided.  It is a complete work, all we need to do is receive it.  

The Father commanded and Jesus created. Now, the Father has commanded and Jesus is redeeming.  He is the Head over creation and redemption!   It is the specialty of the Son, in these last days, to redeem.  We cannot play "god" and redeem ourselves---the Son redeems.  The Bride is the firstfruits of mankind who has drawn from her reservoir of sin, the Old Heart, and allowed the Son to redeem and renew her; increasing her capacity for the Word and Spirit by receiving the experience of circumcision.  Cooperate with the LORD, give thanks for the exposure of the Old Man, take your sin to the Cross, be circumcised, increase your capacity for the Word and Spirit and be the BRIDE!  


                                                                                        (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Psalm 149:6-7.  Note that verse six speaks of high praises and a two-edged sword (which pictures to us the Word of God).  Sometimes in our spiritual walk toward the New City, we suppose that the Word just isn't performing; the Word isn't working as it should in every situation.  If you follow the order explained in verse six, the high praises come before the two-edged sword.  The high praises usher in the Word.  If we lift up our praises to the Name of the LORD, His Son, and His Immutable Headship, the Word will perform what it was sent to do.  Concisely, praise preceeds the Word.  

Please read 2Chronicles chapter 20.  This is the story of Jehoshaphat and his battle against Moab, Ammon (offspring of Lot), and Mt. Seir (Esau).  Jehoshaphat, in verses 3&4, had all Judah seek the LORD.  They humbled themselves and prayed.  Before going out to battle, he sought leadership and guidance from God.  This is an example to us to do the same.  Got a battle coming?  Time to seek God!  In verse 14, the direction they sought was revealed to Jahaziel who spoke that the battle was not Judah's---it was God's.  In verse 16, the LORD says, "go YE down against them".  Even though the battle was the LORD's, he required some active participation on the part of Judah in order to vanquish these 3 nations.  In verse 19, Judah stood up and gave reverence to the LORD and His Word while they shouted with a loud voice of high praises.  We see in verse 22 that Moab, Ammon, and Mr. Seir were smitten because Judah employed the principle given in Psalm 149:6-7:  high praises usher in and allow the Word to perform as it is intended by God!

We hold the key.  The sword of God will come alive and slay the enemy!  The Father is noisy!  Shout and praise about what He's already done, what He's doing, and what He will do in our lives.  Victory is non-existent if God's people will not lift up high praises to His Great Name and His Eternal Word.  


                                                                                           =Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks=

Please read Revelation 19:1-8.  Moses was warned several times in the Old Testament, by the LORD, to be sure he made the Mosaic Tabernacle exactly as he was shown the heavenly Tabernacle.  There was an earthly, temporal Tabernacle that was a picture of a heavenly, eternal Tabernacle.  So, we conclude, that there is a Tabernacle in heaven.  Hebrews 13:8 proclaims that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Moses' Tabernacle was a shadow and type of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9).  Jesus is the Heavenly Tabernacle yesterday, today, and forever.  

In Revelation 19:1-8, we read that 3 groups of believer's are speaking:  the Bride, the four beasts and 24 elders, and a multitude.  The multitude is the 30-fold Christians,  the four beasts and 24 elders are the 60-fold Christians, and the Bride is the 100-fold Christians.  Please read what the 30-fold believer's had  to say in verses 6&7.  They knew how the Bride had become God's wife:  they had MADE themselves READY.  

MADE is defined as:  to constrain or compel some action or some person in respect to action.  To force or produce in a strained manner.  To drive or urge with force, to force to yield, overpower (English).  The Bride had a constant, internal battle raging over whose name was going to be made known; fallen Lucifer's name or the Begotten Name of the Son.  The Bride had grown to the place of spiritual maturity where she forced and overpowered the old nature to yield in all her situations to the Name or nature of the Begotten Son.  In Hebrew, the word simply means, "holy".  In other words, the Bride "holied" herself.  There is only One Who is holy and that is the LORD.  She allowed the Son to touch her and convert her will as she repented of her sin.  In the wake of His holy touch, He left behind love, light, and life.  If we walk in the light of His touch, we will have fellowship with one another and He will cleanse us from ALL sin (1John 1:7).  He will wait patiently until He ordains a certain sin to rise to the surface.  Then, as we repent and rid ourselves of that sin, and use the Blood, He can convert our will.  But in the meantime, if we walk in the light of His touch, He will sanctify us from that sin until we are big enough to see it and get rid of it.  

READY, in Hebrew, means, "to set in order".  This is the same order as when Abraham set the wood in order on the altar just prior to pulling back the knife to sacrifice Isaac.  Likewise, the loaves of bread were set in order on the Table of Shewbread.  Also, the wood was set in order on the Brazen Altar in preparation for the whole burnt offering.  The Bride, in an orderly fashion, wove her white linen vertically and then horizontally by blessing, praising, thanking and glorifying the LORD's name.  She pulled a horizontal thread by blessing, then she pulled a vertical thread by praising, and so on.  She wove her own wedding garment in an orderly fashion.  

In verse 8, she was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white.  She was given special permission to wear her wedding garment that she had worked to produce.  Salvation is a free gift.  White linen is granted by special permission, produced by works!  AMEN!



                                                                                            (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)          

To "cut off" in the Hebrew language, is "kaw-far".  It means to pardon, forgive, cut off, and disannul.  Both the LORD and Leviathan can cut off.  Eli's sons, the priests, thought it would be a good idea to send the ark of God in to the midst of the battle with the Philistines.  The priests and all Israel learned a hard lesson:  the Headship of God won't work for you if you are not walking by His Headship.  The Philistines captured the ark of God and placed it in the house of Dagon, their idolatrous fish image ( pls read I Samuel 5:1-4 ).  Poor Dagon lost his hands and his head because the Headship of God cut them off.  The LORD will cut off the hands (service) and head (headship and authority)  of our idols when we dare to exalt them above Him.  The LORD, with the intent of liberating and leading us back to the image and likeness of His Son, will  cut off our opinions and headship, so we can be set free from the control and manipulation of our idolatrous images.  When set free, it awakens us to Him and His Sovereign Headship and the presence of our idols.  

Pls read Leviticus 22: 1-3.  The priests were commanded to be clean and not disrespect or defile holy things.  The punishment for this was to be cut off.  The priests were expected to be clean and respectful to hallowed and holy things.  We must remember, as priests, not to defile God's Word, His Son, and what the LORD has declared holy.  

I Kings 18 gives us the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel with the prophets of Baal.  In verse 1 the LORD tells Elijah to go and show himself unto Ahab.  This was no small thing;  Ahab was convinced that it was Elijah who was the cause of a long, terrible drought.  Nevertheless, Elijah sets out to meet Ahab.  In verse 4 we read that Jezebel had cut off the prophets of God.  We know how many prophets she killed because for every one she replaced him with a prophet of Baal.  It was wicked Jezebel who slowly turned Ahab's heart away from the LORD and caused gross idolatry in Israel.  In her idolatry, she was compelled to kill the true prophets of God who represented the Word and the Spirit.  She replaced the true Word and Spirit with her own prophets who spoke to her whatever she wanted to hear.  She was totally justified in her idolatry because her "prophets" gave her their approval.  We can't go off into idolatry and expect not to cut off the Word and the Spirit.  In verse 28 the prophets of Baal cut themselve and the blood gushed out upon them.  When they jumped on the altar they were guilty of exalting the creative blood above the redemptive blood.  When this happens, disunity is the speedy result.  When we exalt race, creed, and ethnicity above the Redemptive Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ we enter into confusion and disunity.  The Blood of Jesus is One Blood which redeems mankind and makes us one in Him!  The Blood of Jesus must be exalted above creation.  We can all be one is Him through His redemption!

Cut off the world, the flesh and the devil---not God's prophets.  Work with the LORD as He is trying to set you free  and liberate you from the power and control of the old nature.  It is a continual process of cutting off as we make our way back to Him and His Precious Son.  He wants to cut off, liberate, and  set free!



                                                                                         (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Revelation 22:16.  Jesus speaking, calls Himself the Root of David, the Offspring of David, Bright, and Morning Star.  There are two sides to a seed: the visible (growth above ground) and the invisible (root).  The root holds the plant in place.  It grows in the low place, in the dark, unseen, and private.  The root has a downward pull; it can smell water and moves down to anchor the plant.  Jesus came to this earth as a Root.  Israel did not recognize Him in His humility form.  They wanted a King, an exalted Ruler who would throw off the Roman yolk and liberate them.  He came as a Humility Root to liberate Israel from within first.  

Please read Isaiah 53:2. Jesus always kept His roots sunk deep in the well of water of His relationship with the Father.  This is true during all of His earthly experience.  He did not allow His roots to sink down into the wilderness of this world or find refreshment in carnal activity.  He did not try to find nourishment in the dry ground of this world.  He was truly a "Root out of a dry ground"; the dry ground being this earth and all its carnal happenings.  In Matthew 4, the devil tempted Him several times to put His roots down into this present world.  His response after each temptation was to draw Life up from His roots which were sunk deep into the Well of God's Word and quote scripture.  He told the devil several times, "It is written..." (Matthew 4:1-11).  

Please read Isaiah 11:1. This is the family tree of David.  Jesse was David's father.  Christ was the Root and David was the trunk.  Out of David's trunk (or lineage) sprang the fruit of Jesus.  By coming through the fleshly lineage of David, the LORD was revealing a beautiful spiritual principle.  In order for  Jesus to be revealed, He needed flesh first.  Christ was the Root below, David appeared on earth in the flesh, then Jesus was the fruit of David's lineage.  Jesus needs flesh, us, to be revealed by the Father.  The flesh and sin is important because through them He mainfests His Name and Nature. He is the Offspring or the fruit of our relationship with the Root of Christ (His Word).  

Jesus is also Bright (naw-ghaw).  This is the Fathers' light in the darkness or the moon light.  In the midst of darkness, with no feeling, we can walk by His Bright light of the moon to accurately negotiate the shadows and continue in our spiritual journey.  Lastly, He is the Morning Star.  He is a Doorkeeper for the Master Plan and  Purposive Will of the Father.  He can pull back the curtains and shine His Light to show us the way back to the Father!!  AMEN!!