#151 (1/21/18 evening)

                                                                                             (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

We have learned in previous lessons that our first parents were made in the image and likeness of God.  This image and likeness is male and female.  The male side is outward dawbar Word that is giving.  The female side is inward emeth Truth that is restraining.  God is male and female.  Said another way, God is giving and restraining.  He is dawbar Word and emeth Truth.  

Please read John 8:32.  The word "know" here is a union that is known in marriage.  The word "truth" is emeth.  If we have a union with emeth truth (restraint) then it will make us free.  "And ye shall know (marriage union) the truth (restraint) and the truth (emeth) shall make you free."  Notice what the end result is when there is a union with the truth:  freedom!  Freedom from what?  Our own carnal authority and headship!  When the truth restrains man's headship, he is forced to surrender it and confess that his headship only leads to bondage and slavery.  When it is surrendered, man experiences freedom from his own authority.  Many times man wants the truth to work according to his own plan and authority.  In the case of Israel in the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire was a yoke, a restraint on the nation.  Jesus came but was rejected because He didn't come the way the rulers and elders thought he should.  They rejected the living, walking emeth truth.  Many times Christians reject the truth (Jesus) because it comes in a form that is not according to what they think it should be.  Acceptance of God's Truth, Master Plan and Headship is freedom from the carnal authority of sinful man and his distorted forms.  Restraint will make you free! 

Please read John 14:5-6.  The word "way" here is military, warrior, a battle of who is in control.  The word "truth" is emeth.  The message is there is going to be a battle because man does not want his will restrained.  To carnal authority, restraint is to be avoided at all costs.  But the Bride overtly engages in the battle of who will be in control by surrendering and forsaking her headship so she can experience a deeper level of freedom from the slavery of the old man.  In the case of Naaman the Syrian, who was a leper, he listened to the advice of a maiden in his house who was from Israel.  She spoke of a prophet (Elijah) who could heal him of his leprosy.  With great pomp and circumstance, Naaman approached Elijah but was supremely enraged when the prophet wouldn't meet him personally.  He totally rejected the restraining truth of washing in the muddy water of Jordan.  He had a form of how he should be healed, what should happen, how glorious it would be.  Dip seven times in the Jordan River - - - are you kidding?  His freedom from leprosy was withheld until he humbled himself, forsook and abandoned his own headship and authority and obeyed the truth (emeth).  Obedience caused healing and freedom.  John the Baptist proclaimed, "for he must increase and I must decrease."  Decrease how?  Decrease in carnal authority and headship.  Jesus is a military Way, that causes restraint (Truth) and freedom (Life).  

Please read Jeremiah 27:1-15.  Jeremiah plainly spoke that Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar were a yoke and restraint on the nations.  If the nation wanted to live, they had to accept the yoke.  Now read Jeremiah 28th chapter (all).  Hananiah didn't accept the yoke (restraint of the emeth truth) and soon met his demise as prophesied by Jeremiah.  Death soon follows when the restraint of the truth is thrown off and rejected.  Life comes when the truth is accepted and obeyed and carnal authority is forsaken and abandoned.  

                                                                                                        #150 (1/21/18 morning)

                                                                                            (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Opening comments:  A question was answered from the pulpit regarding a scripture posted on CGCII Facebook Page.  The question was does Sis. Hicks choose the daily scripture displayed on the page.  The scripture was 2Corinthians 13:11.  The answer is yes, she does.  Because of the content of the scripture, it was suggested by Rev. Prell that the congregation send her a Thank You card (individually, not collectively) and express gratitude for her and the Bride's Message.  It was determined that this should be done within the next two weeks; the deadline being 2/4/18.  

Please read Philippians 4:8.  We are to think on these 6 things.  To "think" is defined as reconsider, calculate, take inventory, meditate with the view of obtaining.  In the case of Job, it was God's idea that Satan consider him.  It was God that brought it up - - - to make His Name known.  

Please read Genesis 1:26-27.  Notice the words "us", "our", and "our" again.  This indicates plurality.  They were made in the image and likeness of God which is male and female, the image of perfection and union.  The plural words just mentioned display for us the male and female union of God. " Let us (male and female) make man in our image (male and female), after our likeness (male and female)".  The female portion is hidden on the inside and is emeth truth which offers restraint.  The male portion is outward and is daw-bar truth which is for giving.  So, what is the image and likeness of God?  Giving and restraining.  

Please read John 17:17.  "Thy word is truth":  Word is masculine and truth is emeth, feminine.  Thy word is male and female.  We resent restraint; everytime we are restrained it is God introducing new emeth (feminine) truth to us.  

Please read John 15:26 and John 16:12-13.  The Comforter is referred to as "he" (male) and "the Spirit of truth" (emeth, female).  He will lead us into all truth (emeth) or restraint.  He will lead us into all restraint.  Restraint is peace and satisfaction because we forsake our own authority and headship when we see we can't boss God or His Spirit.  Restraint is to see Who really is the Boss!  When weakness and dependency are the result of our own authority we find freedom from our own bossiness and peace in His controlling Headship.  He will lead us into the restraint of our own headship so we can experience the freedom from our own control.  There is peace and freedom in His Authority and Headship; but, we have to be taught this lesson.  Restraint causes the realization that our head and our authority won't satisfy.  It is freedom to know He is in control!  As Christians, we have a will, we have carnal authority and plans.  He restricts these so we can see He is in control.  Consequently, we relinguish our control.  

We are to think about truth, emeth; about how He restrains the flagrant passions of the old man.  How He frees us from our own will and headship.  The next step is giving.  Giving comes from being restrained.  Emeth leads to daw-bar or female (inside) truth leads to male (outside) truth.  Restraint leads to giving and sharing.   

                                                                                                   #148 (1/14/18 evening)

                                                                                         (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Matthew 16:13-18.  In verse 18 the LORD gives us a precious promise:  "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".  Not prevail against what?  The word "rock" in this verse is "selah".  The gates of hell shall not prevail against the selah rock or Christ.  All of hell's rebellion will not overcome and prevail over the Christ, the Word!  

Please read Luke 8:5-6 and 13.  A seed was sown upon the rock (selah) and it died because of lack of moisture and having no root.  The LORD asks us to put down a root into the selah rock and provide the moisture of tears.  This way the seed of truth can survive and eventually produce fruit.  Oftentimes, Christians receive the Word gladly but allow the seeds to die by giving moisture to the world, flesh and devil.  They choose to give and receive moisture from the world through fleshly forms.  The seed of truth will survive by putting down a root into the selah rock.  When a root is established, hell and all its hoards cannot prevail against that root.  Jesus gave us this wonderful promise.  

Please read Canticles 2:14.  His dove dwells in the clefts of the rock - - - selah.  The Bride has learned to properly moisten the seeds of truth and put down roots into the clefts of the rock.  The Christ, the Word of God was cleft in 12 places.  There are 12 humility wounds that the seed of truth puts down a root.  In each cleft we find redemption and blood.  In each cleft we find peace and rest from the old nature.  When the Father sees us dwelling in the wounds of Jesus, experiencing humility, blood and redemption, that wound becomes a haven of rest, a place of sweetness.  

Moses was told to speak to the rock (selah) but he disobeyed the LORD.  Instead, he smote the rock.  He implemented his own plan, idea, form.  He had a better idea of how water should be produced; according to his own head.  The LORD asks us to support Him and His Headship, not our own.  When we put down a root and make Him the Head, He reciprocates and puts a root in us.  Our heart becomes entwined with the roots of truth given from His Headship.  Once again, Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against a heart that is rooted and entwined with the truth of the selah rock (Christ).   In other words, a heart that is dwelling in the humility wounds of the Christ experiencing fresh blood and redemption.    

                                                                                                          #149 (1/17/18)

                                                                                       (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Philippians 4:8.  We read of a seal of 6 things the Bride should think on.  He wants us to have recurring personal involvement with His wonderful works and miraculous interventions in our spiritual lives.  By thinking, pondering what the LORD has already done we experience anew the events when His influence changed everything.  Exposing our minds to and  having a personal encounter with past interpositions of the LORD, generates gratitude.  The things that the Bride should think on are things that glorify, beautify, and revere the LORD and His unmatched Son.  Remember, by dwelling on our past failures and wrong choices we exalt ourselves above His wonderful Name.  He is the HEAD over all our shortcomings!

Notice that the Bride is to think on things that are true.  This word true is "emet" or truth.  As we travel along we find that there is a fence of truth (emet) around us; we truly can not do what we want to do.  We run into truth or the "limit".  Truth is a boundary set around the human heart for the express purpose of preserving life.  This boundary, this control, is what we are to think on.  El Shaddai is the Limit!  El Shaddai is the emet truth!  The Bride has gratitude for the fence, limit, boundary of truth around her heart.  

Please read Psalm 55:6.  David had a desire to fly away from the fence that surrounded his heart.  When our flesh gets heaved up and glaringly rears its ugly head, it wants to fly away from the constraint, restraint of the truth.  The fence, though, does not capitulate to the flesh.  It goes right on keeping us from fleeing.  

Please read Ephesians 4:8.  We are captives because of the consequences of what happened at Calvary's Cross.  Captivity has a new fence of truth that holds it captive within the boundaries set by God and El Shaddai.  The LORD controls the fence.  He is the gatekeeper of what is let in and out.  Lucifer  was allowed through the fence of truth around Job after he complained about not having access to God's captive (Job).  The LORD has supreme control over access to His captives.  The fence is opened when the LORD sees an opportunity for maturation of the captive.  The LORD allowed Lucifer within the fence to generate spiritual growth in Job.  Likewise, the same is true with the Bride.

Please read Matthew 26:31-35.  Notice what Peter said:  "I will never be offended" and "yet will I not deny thee".  He said inside of his fence, "I will not".  The LORD simply did not respond or argue.  The Father determined Peter needed his fence opened.  The LORD gave him a "garden" experience.  Read on in the same chapter to verse 46.  Notice in verse 37 that Jesus took Peter - - - the names of the sons of Zebedee aren't  mentioned.  In verse 40, Jesus directly asks Peter the question. We can deduce from the text that this experience was just for Peter.  Three times Jesus comes to Peter and finds him asleep - - - three times Peter denied the LORD by not supporting Him in prayer.  He experienced the truth of what Jesus had spoken hours before:  you will deny me thrice.  The LORD puts experiences in our fence to confirm the truth He has already spoken.  Theory is not enough; the Bride must experience the truth so it becomes her own.  The Father controls the fence.  When He sees our need to experience the truth, events and situations are allowed in:  to confirm what has already been spoken by Him and His Son.  This is what we are to think on:  the boundary of truth around our heart that is preserving our life!  Hallelujah!!!

                                                                                                  #147 (1/14/18 morning)

                                                                                    (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

The Heavenly Father and creation exist in their ordained places.  Creation exists in a form; it is formed energy that is limited by boundaries.  The Mighty God, the Ancient of Days, exists in a no-form, unlimited expanse of space, not confined by shapes, sizes, and arrangement.  His energy is immense, boundless, unrestricted.  The everlasting, unending, perpetual Heavenly Father has an inexhaustible source of divine energy whereby He can create whatever needs to be created.  At any time He can tap into His limitless reservoir of power and energy and provide what is needed for His people.  Jesus left the Father and His no-form existence and became a man - - - a form.  According to His own words, he spoke that the Father was greater than He.  How can that be?  He was a form and the Father is no-form.  The Bible admonishes us to worship God in spirit and in truth.  Notice the two are connected by the word "and".  Both must be present to worship.  Also notice that "spirit" is first.  We are told to worship God in no-form spirit AND in truth!  

Forms present limitations.  In the case of David and Goliath, Saul wanted David to challenge the giant with his armor - - - forms.  David rejected the forms and put off the armor.  He approached the giant lifting up the Name of the LORD God of Israel. He forsook form and killed the giant by calling upon the limitless, boundless energy and power of the no-form Name of LORD.  Israel circled the city of Jericho 13 times and gave a shout of no-form praise to the LORD.  The nation tapped into the limitless, unrestricted power of the Name Who created what was necessary for them to receive victory.  Forms are limited in power.  It takes the right circunstance to allow us to forsake our forms and experience Who He really is:  The limitless, eternal Heavenly Father.  He cannot be put into a form.  We can get to know the Heavenly Father through His divine intervention and by Him displaying His divine, perpetual energy in our behalf.  

When we raise our praise to the Name, we are connecting ourself to His no-form energy.  Praise and gratitude to His Name allows no-form energy to flow inside our heart and will cause an inside change.  Going further, it moves outside and also causes a change.  His energy encircles the heart to make an inward change, then it encircles the storm (circumstance) to make an outward change.  His energy will provide whatever is needed so His people will have victory.  A good mariner needs a storm to become superior in his seamanship and skills to navigate.  Gideon used a pitcher with a light in it to get victory over the amassed army.  He broke the form of the pitcher so the no-form light escaped and slaughtered the enemy.  The unlimited energy of the LORD saved Israel from extinction.  Michal, David's wife, scorned and disrespected him for worshipping God in a no-form manner in front of the maidens of Israel.  He basically responded, you ain't seen nothin' yet!  He declared that he would be even more "no-form" in the future.  

By God's grace, we are given a storm for the purpose of knowing God in a deeper manner.   A storm allows us to forsake our plots, plans, and devices (forms) and see Him intervene with His limitless power and energy.  The Father is the unrestrained, unrestricted One Who shows us His strength so we can see Who He really is.  He is no-form, a way-maker, a door-opener Who can create whatever is needed for His children to advance in their relationship with Him.