#154 (2/7/18)

                                                                                    (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please Exodus 31:1-5.  We read in verse 3 that Bezaleel was given not only wisdom and knowledge to construct the Tabernacle, but also understanding.  There are two forms of understanding related to this verse.  The first form is the Hebrew word "to-boo-naw".  This understanding has an association with the inner form of truth.  Great sculptors have experienced the ability to see the form within a block of granite and simply release the form to be viewed by God and man.  They have "understanding" to perceive a hidden object in a rough-hewn state.  Bezaleel was given this type of understanding regarding the furniture of the Mosaic Tabernacle.  The second form of understanding is "bee-naw".  Whereas the first type was related to the inner form, this second understanding has to do with the outer symbol.  First, inner form of truth (to-boo-naw).  Second, the outer, symbolic form of truth (bee-naw).    The outward form of truth is an expression, a representation, of the inner blueprint.  The LORD gave Bezaleel the inner blueprint, the ability to perceive the shape and form of the blueprint.  He was given baskets of gold, silver, brass, and stones and was able to "see" the inner form.  Then he was able, through understanding, to fashion, build, and construct a Tabernacle.  The Tabernacle was a symbol, a picture, shadow, type of the Son of God.  

The LORD wants to build the Stature of the Son of God, our own personal Mosaic Tabernacle within us.  To do this we are presented with situations that provide the blueprint.  Within every circumstance and personal event there is truth that will allow, if perceived and received, the building of this structure in our hearts.  Truth is veiled in any number of situation that have to do with love, loss of love, the house, the car, money, relationships, etc.  As Bezaleel looked at all this metal, he must have wondered how he was supposed to build a tabernacle out of all this chaos.  Like as we, he might have imagined his own plan and "better way" to produce this stature.  He very easily could have added to or subtracted from the blueprint.  We do the same thing.  If we could build a tabernacle minus any pain and discomfort the New City would have to be increased exponentially to hold all the residents.  Our "plans" and "better way"  are not part of the inner truth or understanding.  When the inner blueprint is altered, the symbolic form is also changed.  Try to imagine what the Mosaic Tabernacle would have looked like if Bezaleel struck out on his own, relying on his interpretation of the truth.  Would it had been an accurate depiction of the Son of God?-?-?  The LORD had a blueprint of truth regarding Adam male and female in the Garden.  They added and subtracted and the outer, symbolic truth was vastly altered.  They lost their glory and became mortal.

The LORD wants to give us understanding in both forms so we can look at the chaos in our lives, perceive the truth, and build a Tabernacle within our hearts.  The objective is to allow the new man (Jesus) to grow in full stature so He can present us to the Father.  We must be just like Jesus in order to have a relationship with the Father.  No one comes to the Father, except through the Son.  This means a Tabernacle (Jesus) must be built out of all the chaos around us.  Bezaleel made a Tabernacle out of chaos - - - through understanding we can do what Bezaleel did!  He was able to "see" the Tabernacle before it was built.  He used the metal in its confused, disorderly arrangement and produced a stunningly beautiful representation of the Son of God.  God has the blueprint for how the Tabernacle should be built in each one of our hearts.  Through understanding, we can allow the LORD to build that Tabernacle.


                                                                                                           #153 (1/28/18)

                                                                                          (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Exodus 20:5 and Deuteronomy 4:24.  In this lesson, we will be learning about jealousy.  Jealousy originates with the LORD (in an uncorrupted form).  Being jealous can be a good thing, conversely, it can be a bad thing.  The word jealous in both of the preceding scriptures is kaw-naw - - - to be jealous, envious, or ambitious.  Jealousy is a strong desire and can be a holy emotion.  It can be used for good to further our spiritual progress.  In the case of fallen mankind, his entire being ( and all his emotions ) are going in the wrong direction; toward self.  Everything that is wrong now used to be right and flowing in the right direction; toward God.  Because of Him, our jealousy, being influenced and cleansed by the Blood, can be a good thing.  When He steps into our being, all of our emotions come to a screeching halt and begin to roll toward Him.  All things exist ( cleansed jealousy ) because of Him.  As a result of His disgraceful and ignominious death, His claim of being the Owner of mankind is undisputed.  As Owner, He demands His rights and takes away ours.  He first created and then bought man; double ownership.  He wants us to be dependent on Him and independent from the world and our own forms.  The Bride said in Canticles, "I am my Beloved's", meaning, "I am dependent".  

The LORD is a jealous God, also, a consuming fire.  He wants to burn up all our plans and forms of independence and surrender to His Headship through dependence.  

Evil fear and ambition is zeal in reverse.  Both of these accompany corrupt jealousy.  Zeal to make your name known and ambition to project self are traits of fleshly independence from God.  Corrupt zeal is doing something where our name is attempted to be made known.  Please read 2Samuel 18:17-18.  Absalom, a picture to us of ambition, erected a pillar in honor of his own remembrance.  His claim was that he had no son who would honor his memory.  Please read 2Samuel 14:27.  It is recorded that he had 3 sons.  Absalom was saying that he had no sons who were worthy to project his name.  Projecting self is at the core of ambition.  Zeal can be cleansed to make His Name known.

Please read John 2:13-25.  Jesus was jealous of the Father's house and His Name, so He displayed zeal to cleanse the Temple.  He desires for us to do the same with our own "temple".   Zeal to keep our temple clean from the soiling of the world.  He wants us to guard, protect and watch, with zeal and jealousy, the temple of the Holy Ghost - - - our own bodies.  

                                                                                                          #151 (1/21/18 evening)

                                                                                             (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

We have learned in previous lessons that our first parents were made in the image and likeness of God.  This image and likeness is male and female.  The male side is outward dawbar Word that is giving.  The female side is inward emeth Truth that is restraining.  God is male and female.  Said another way, God is giving and restraining.  He is dawbar Word and emeth Truth.  

Please read John 8:32.  The word "know" here is a union that is known in marriage.  The word "truth" is emeth.  If we have a union with emeth truth (restraint) then it will make us free.  "And ye shall know (marriage union) the truth (restraint) and the truth (emeth) shall make you free."  Notice what the end result is when there is a union with the truth:  freedom!  Freedom from what?  Our own carnal authority and headship!  When the truth restrains man's headship, he is forced to surrender it and confess that his headship only leads to bondage and slavery.  When it is surrendered, man experiences freedom from his own authority.  Many times man wants the truth to work according to his own plan and authority.  In the case of Israel in the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire was a yoke, a restraint on the nation.  Jesus came but was rejected because He didn't come the way the rulers and elders thought he should.  They rejected the living, walking emeth truth.  Many times Christians reject the truth (Jesus) because it comes in a form that is not according to what they think it should be.  Acceptance of God's Truth, Master Plan and Headship is freedom from the carnal authority of sinful man and his distorted forms.  Restraint will make you free! 

Please read John 14:5-6.  The word "way" here is military, warrior, a battle of who is in control.  The word "truth" is emeth.  The message is there is going to be a battle because man does not want his will restrained.  To carnal authority, restraint is to be avoided at all costs.  But the Bride overtly engages in the battle of who will be in control by surrendering and forsaking her headship so she can experience a deeper level of freedom from the slavery of the old man.  In the case of Naaman the Syrian, who was a leper, he listened to the advice of a maiden in his house who was from Israel.  She spoke of a prophet (Elijah) who could heal him of his leprosy.  With great pomp and circumstance, Naaman approached Elijah but was supremely enraged when the prophet wouldn't meet him personally.  He totally rejected the restraining truth of washing in the muddy water of Jordan.  He had a form of how he should be healed, what should happen, how glorious it would be.  Dip seven times in the Jordan River - - - are you kidding?  His freedom from leprosy was withheld until he humbled himself, forsook and abandoned his own headship and authority and obeyed the truth (emeth).  Obedience caused healing and freedom.  John the Baptist proclaimed, "for he must increase and I must decrease."  Decrease how?  Decrease in carnal authority and headship.  Jesus is a military Way, that causes restraint (Truth) and freedom (Life).  

Please read Jeremiah 27:1-15.  Jeremiah plainly spoke that Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar were a yoke and restraint on the nations.  If the nation wanted to live, they had to accept the yoke.  Now read Jeremiah 28th chapter (all).  Hananiah didn't accept the yoke (restraint of the emeth truth) and soon met his demise as prophesied by Jeremiah.  Death soon follows when the restraint of the truth is thrown off and rejected.  Life comes when the truth is accepted and obeyed and carnal authority is forsaken and abandoned.  

                                                                                                               #152 (1/24/18)

                                                                                              (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read John 8:30-44.  We have learned in previous lessons that if one desires a marriage union with the LORD (as the Bride does) the relationship with God will be one of restraint.  He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.  He is the emeth TRUTH,  restraining and fencing in the carnal headship and authority of man.  In verse 40, Jesus explains that He has told them the truth (emeth).  In verse 41, they throw an insult in His face regarding his parents, Mary and Joseph; that He was the product of fornication.  Jesus, in verse 44, goes on to say that He was born in the image and likeness of God - - - male and female.  Their father, the devil, abode not in the truth; he didn't want to be restrained.  He cast off the restraint of the truth, turning the truth into a lie (no restraint).  He murdered the truth.  Truth then became a lie, unrestrained, no fence.  He accused them of casting off the restraint of the truth as Lucifer did (in other words, rejecting Him). They became enraged.  

Adam male and female were restrained within the boundaries of the Garden of Eden.  The serpent wanted them to cast off their restraint and murder the truth (which they did).  Truth is restrained, a lie is unrestrained.  Lucifer cast off the truth while at his position in heaven.  He wanted to ascend and be like the Most High.  He was summarily expelled from his position and heaven.  By his action, he changed the truth into a lie by craving unrestraint.  Adam male and female (as well as us) were given the same choice:  be restrained or not.  In order to be unrestrained, one must first cast off the truth and murder it.  They were told that they would be as gods - - - unrestrained.  They were convinced that being restrained was not the best for them.  

Please read Romans 1:18.  "Who hold the truth (emeth) in unrighteousness"; not allowing the truth to restrain.  When a Christian agrees to be a candidate for the Bride and the New City, when he agrees to be in the personal presence of Jesus Christ and the Father throughout eternity, he is also agreeing to an earthly life of restraint.  To be a child of God is to live in a fence, a boundary, restrained from carnal authority and headship.  The restraint is directed at the old man; freedom and preservation of life is found in restraint.


                                                                                                        #150 (1/21/18 morning)

                                                                                            (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Opening comments:  A question was answered from the pulpit regarding a scripture posted on CGCII Facebook Page.  The question was does Sis. Hicks choose the daily scripture displayed on the page.  The scripture was 2Corinthians 13:11.  The answer is yes, she does.  Because of the content of the scripture, it was suggested by Rev. Prell that the congregation send her a Thank You card (individually, not collectively) and express gratitude for her and the Bride's Message.  It was determined that this should be done within the next two weeks; the deadline being 2/4/18.  

Please read Philippians 4:8.  We are to think on these 6 things.  To "think" is defined as reconsider, calculate, take inventory, meditate with the view of obtaining.  In the case of Job, it was God's idea that Satan consider him.  It was God that brought it up - - - to make His Name known.  

Please read Genesis 1:26-27.  Notice the words "us", "our", and "our" again.  This indicates plurality.  They were made in the image and likeness of God which is male and female, the image of perfection and union.  The plural words just mentioned display for us the male and female union of God. " Let us (male and female) make man in our image (male and female), after our likeness (male and female)".  The female portion is hidden on the inside and is emeth truth which offers restraint.  The male portion is outward and is daw-bar truth which is for giving.  So, what is the image and likeness of God?  Giving and restraining.  

Please read John 17:17.  "Thy word is truth":  Word is masculine and truth is emeth, feminine.  Thy word is male and female.  We resent restraint; everytime we are restrained it is God introducing new emeth (feminine) truth to us.  

Please read John 15:26 and John 16:12-13.  The Comforter is referred to as "he" (male) and "the Spirit of truth" (emeth, female).  He will lead us into all truth (emeth) or restraint.  He will lead us into all restraint.  Restraint is peace and satisfaction because we forsake our own authority and headship when we see we can't boss God or His Spirit.  Restraint is to see Who really is the Boss!  When weakness and dependency are the result of our own authority we find freedom from our own bossiness and peace in His controlling Headship.  He will lead us into the restraint of our own headship so we can experience the freedom from our own control.  There is peace and freedom in His Authority and Headship; but, we have to be taught this lesson.  Restraint causes the realization that our head and our authority won't satisfy.  It is freedom to know He is in control!  As Christians, we have a will, we have carnal authority and plans.  He restricts these so we can see He is in control.  Consequently, we relinguish our control.  

We are to think about truth, emeth; about how He restrains the flagrant passions of the old man.  How He frees us from our own will and headship.  The next step is giving.  Giving comes from being restrained.  Emeth leads to daw-bar or female (inside) truth leads to male (outside) truth.  Restraint leads to giving and sharing.