(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)                                                                                                      

Our beautiful Bible is not simply just an historical account of the nation of Israel; it is much more than that.  It is a seed, as it were, in which is contained all spiritual truth.  Just as a mighty oak tree is contained in one tiny acorn, all spiritual truth is contained within the covers of our Bible.  The truth in God's Word unfolds, blossoms, blooms, and produces fruit in an infinite number of circumstances.  It is the foundation upon which all creation rests and lives.  Hidden within its pages are all the spiritual truths necessary to repair our relationship with the Father and become the Bride of His Son, Jesus Christ.  He reveals these principles (66) so we can learn them, apply them personally, and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior.  While making His Name known and fulfilling a debt owed to Himself, He is bringing us back to our original relationship through the words printed on paper.  The Bible is God's Book---He wrote it.  

In Genesis 49, Jacob is nearing the end of his earthly sojourn and calls his sons around him to pronounce his blessing upon them.  Please read Genesis 49: 22-26.  These particular verses regard Jacob's blessing upon his son Joseph.  In verse 22 we read that Joseph was a fruitful bough by a well.  Joseph produced fruit because his roots were firmly planted in a well.  Fruit is produced to provide nourishment, satisfaction, and sweetness to the one who eats. The fruit would not exist if the roots were not sunk deep into a well of water.  Fruit is also freely given; shared as a solution to hunger.  

Throughout Joseph's life, there were four major places where he had an opportunity to share the fruit of his relationship with the LORD:  the pit, Potiphar's house, the prison, and the palace (throne).  Executing His Master Plan for Joseph, the LORD's goal was to get him to the "above" (verse 25).  Each place Joseph found himself, by the Headship and Authority of God, was to move him along in an earthly journey and ultimately, to the heavenly above.  All along the way, the LORD was teaching him the principles necessary to develop and sustain a relationship with Him.  Joseph kept his roots in the well of water, the Wellspring of Love, Light, and Life, the Principles of God, that produced fruit that he shared with those around him.  Potiphar was aware of this fruit to the extent that he entrusted his entire household in to the care of Joseph.  The keeper of the prison was keenly aware as well, to the point where he gave the entire prison for him to run.   Pharoah, having just met the young man, was so taken with the maturity of Joseph that he made him second only to himself by giving him his ring.  The Bible  says that Joseph became as a father to Pharoah.  Joseph never allowed his roots to sink down anywhere other than the well of water of his love for the LORD and his spiritual principles.  He never lacked fruit to share and serve to those around him.  The fruit of his relationship with the LORD was humility and service to those near  him, notwithstanding his present situation.  The present situation did not provide him with a well of water of life.  Despite his sometimes horrific circumstances, he drew life from the well of water.  

We are on a journey, back to the "above", similar to that of Joseph so long ago.  The Wellspring of Love, Light, and Life is our Bible, that provides the principles necessary to repair and sustain a relationship with the Father and His Beloved Son.  These principles, successfully learned and applied, will usher us into the presence of the LORD in the "above".  What is the fruit of our roots being in the Bible?  Humility and service to those around us despite the "pit" or the "prison" we presently find ourself in.  What is spiritual maturity?  Giving of your fruit in humility service to others and not drawing up hate, death, and darkness through your roots from the present negative situation.  How can we be a blessing?  How can we serve?  Who can we not deprive of spiritual life?  Draw from the well of water, the Bible, by keeping your roots firmly sunk down into its life-giving principles; you will be a blessing, you will serve, and you will have food that provides spiritual life!  AMEN!





                                                                                     *Source of material:  Rev.B.R. Hicks*

 Please read Ephesians 1:22-23.  Christ is the Head, the church is the body, and all things are under the LORD's feet.  Man is not the head; man is the body.  There is one and only one Head and He is Christ the LORD.  When man maintains his declared position, all things are under the feet of Christ and we experience His deliverance, influence, and intercession on our behalf.  But, alas, man has a sinful nature that causes him to declare that he is the head, the boss, the provider of his own deliverance.  Sometimes our master plan is much more inviting and enticing to implement than the LORD's Master Plan.  Who knows us better than we ourselves; who can satisfy me better than me?  There is a risk involved in making yourself the boss of your life; inevitably our master plan will conflict with the immutable, eternal Master Plan of the LORD.  This conflict results in the LORD removing "all things" from under His feet (His dominion) and allowing  them to bombard us from every direction causing confusion, frustration, and exasperation.  We are NOT the Head but the Body!

Please familiarize yourself with the full story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.  Israel and the Philistines were facing each other on mountain tops with the valley of Elah between them.  Elah mean, "strength, mighty man, body".  A mountain of flesh, AKA Goliath,  went down to the valley of Elah, and was an obstruction to Israel in her being victorious over the Philistines on the opposite mountain top.  The whole confrontation was about who was strong enough to take down this blob of flesh.  At times, we have a mountain of our own flesh, a personal blabbering Goliath, who challenges and taunts us about who is strong enough to take him down.  Our own flesh is an obstruction to personal victory.  We certainly don't advance spiritually by saying, "I am strong enough, I am the boss, I can handle this---I got it"!  Man is NOT the head, he is the body!  Fleshly headship keeps us from moving forward toward the next mountain of victory.  When we bow down to our flesh, we are reverencing the enemy.  

There was a shepherd boy in Israel who knew how to be the body and let Christ be the Head; that was David.  He was small of stature and humble.  He had experience in taking down other forms of flesh:  a lion and a bear.  He knew how to get the victory and that was with Christ as his Head.  With Christ as his Head, then Goliath was under the crushing dominion of Christ's feet.  He went down to the valley of Elah, confronted Goliath under the Authority and Headship of Christ, and cut off his fleshly head.  Our own fleshly head can be cut off  and put under the feet of Christ if we maintain our proper position.  All things, spiritual and natural (including our own fleshly headship) are under His feet when we relinquish being the boss!



                                                                                              ( Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks )

Pls read Genesis 3:1-13.  In verse 7 the Scripture states that "the eyes of them both were opened".  These were eyes that had been formerly closed.  These "new" eyes were unable to accurately balance good and evil.  Their  new eyesight could not correctly discern good and evil because they had eaten of Knowledge out of season.  Eating Knowledge out of season kills and destroys!  They had the personal choice to go to either the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and they made the wrong choice; just as we do after inheriting our first parents' sin.  The Tree of Life would have given them the ability to correctly balance and discern good and evil, allowing them to accept or reject based on what they saw.  What are we eating today?  Knowledge out of season causes a person to falsely discern.  Our lives are flooded, in this modern era, with Knowledge.  We are bombarded with 24-hour  news coverage, internet advertising, radio, television, electronic media, social media, etc.  To put it another way, we are bombarded with Knowledge!  Knowledge not seen through the eyesight from the Tree of Life causes confused, muddled disorder.  Are we spending the same amount of time, or more, seeking and studying the Life from our Bibles?  Are we counteracting our consumption of good and evil (knowledge) by going to our prayer closet and receiving Life in the form of Jesus Christ and His Blood?  

Also, in verse 7,  "they knew that they were naked".  In other words, they knew that they were guilty.  Adam and his wife hid themselves because they were aware of their guilt of disobedience.  What is our guilt?  Our nakedness before God.  The LORD God came seeking Adam personally by saying, "Adam, where art THOU"?  "I am come seeking just YOU, so that you can confess your guilt and be forgiven".  He comes to us multiple times a day, calling our name, wanting us to come forward and expose our guilt for eating good and evil or Knowledge out of season.  Where are YOU?  The blood saves from sin and we are, by nature, sinners.  The blood, in order for it to work, must have a need to cleanse.  Because we are sinners, our days are filled with times of need to confess our guilt and be cleansed.  

Further in verse 7, they sowed fig leaves and made aprons.  Adam and his wife stole leaves from God and covered their guilt.  Apron translates into "armour belt".  They were ready to defend their guilty condition with their own authority and be the boss.  Jesus came to set His people free from THEIR sin!  He wanted to deliver Israel from personal, besetting sin. It was the hope during His earthly journey that Jesus would remove the crushing yolk of the Roman Empire; He didn't come to set Israel free from the sin of the Romans.  When the LORD comes calling my name, I can do one of two things:  I can repent or steal God's Authority.  I can "enjoy" temporal freedom from God's Voice, or experience self-deliverance.  Do you recall Saul and how he persecuted David?  The LORD used a natural, outward Saul to expose David's inward "Saul" so he could be delivered from his personal sin and become the new king.  

Deliverance is available, through the Blood, but we won't experience deliverance until we are exposed and acknowledge our guilt before God.  What a blessing it is for the Father to seek us out, personally arrange our day, call us by name, and expose us to drink from His cup of blood!  The efficacy of the Blood is proven when our sin and guilt is exposed.  

We are a royal priesthood, a nation of kings and priests that live on a higher plane.  Ask the LORD to help you eject the phrase, "I am not guilty" from your vocabulary.  We are guilty because, by nature, we are sinners.  Seek to balance Knowledge with Life and prayer so this old world makes sense, as well as your own personal circumstances.  Jesus (Life) in the equation, makes everything peaceful and sensible.  



                                                                                   (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

 Let's start with Psalm 32:10.  The definition of "compass" is to surround, encircle.  From this scripture we can gather that mercy is a circle.  From prior studies  we know that the LORD's name is foursquare.  The Garden of Eden was foursquare and the New City is the same.  Knowing this truth, we can gather that both the Garden of Eden and the New City are The Name of God.   From this scripture we also see that the Name LORD is surrounded by mercy.  So, we see a pattern developing; the LORD's foursquare Name and Throne (Headship) is surrounded by a circle of Mercy.  

Please read Joshua 6: 1-9.  This is the story of the fall of Jericho.  The nation of Israel was to "compass" the city. There was a command from the LORD for the men of war to go first, then be followed by the priests.  Thirdly, came the ark and lastly, followed the rearward.  They were to make a circle around the city of Jericho.  The purpose of the men of war going first was to provide defense and protection for the ark (God's visible Headship).  When the circle(s) were complete, after Jericho was compassed by Mercy, the nation of Israel gave a mighty shout of praise.  This praise allowed the invisible Name or Headship (Ark) to descend into the city and make the walls collapse.  We see the same pattern:  the foursquare Name surrounded by a circle of Mercy.  By encircling Jericho 13 times, God was extending Mercy to the city.  When they refused His Mercy, The invisible Ark caused the city to be captured.  

As a Bride, the LORD is expecting us to be a man of war in every situation and defend the holiness, righteousness, and goodness of His Headship and Authority.  As a priestly nation, we are to take our trumpets and lift up praise to His Authority.  Circle, as it were, our visible, earthly circumstances with Mercy.  In every thing give thanks and praise, lift up His Headship in all things, defend and protect His Authority over natural situations.  When the circle is complete, the LORD's invisible Headship (Ark) will descend, the walls will come down and, victory is guaranteed.  What is spiritual maturity?  Knowing that the LORD WILL bring down the walls if I am faithful to persevere in defending His righteousness and holiness in my natural circumstances.  Also, wanting to stay in the circumstance until His Name descends and brings victory.  Defend His Name, proclaim His Justice and Goodness, make a circle so the foursquare Name can be victorious for you!!!




                                                                                     Source of material:  Rev. B. R. Hicks

Pls read Canticles 1:4.  Speaking as an espoused Bride, she states, "we will  be glad and rejoice in thee".  The word glad is ghee-law in the Hebrew language and rejoice is sim-kaw.  Although in English these words are interchangeable, in Hebrew they have very different meanings.  Ghee-law is a masculine word and Sim-kaw is a feminine word.  Glad---ghee-law---masculine.  Rejoice---sim-kaw---feminine.  Ghee-law means to spin around in violent emotion and is an expression of gladness from outward to inward.  Sim-kaw means an inward joy, glad of heart, joyfulness of heart which moves from inward to outward.   Two examples of sim-kaw joy would be found in Proverbs 10:28 and Psalm 4:7.  Psalm 16:11 would be an example of ghee-law joy.  

In Revelation 19:7, we see the two words "glad and rejoice" used as they were in Canticles chapter 1 but, with one important distinction:  the two Hebrew words are reversed.  Glad is now sim-kaw and  rejoice is ghee-law.  Plainly, we can see, that as an espoused Bride, her joy moved from outward to inward.  Conversely, as a married Bride, her joy moved from inward to outward.  Glad---sim-kaw---feminine and Rejoice---ghee-law---masculine.  At one point in her spiritual journey, the espoused Bride received gladness and joyfulness from outward influences of the Spirit of God but grew up into maturity and later received her gladness and joy from gratitude over what the LORD had done for her inwardly.  Despite opposition, negativity, and rejection from people and outward circumstances, the Bride consoled herself by meditating on the mighty workings of the LORD in her heart and maintained a high level of gladness and joy.  She could be glad and joyful in any situation because she thought on the sweetness and graciousness of the LORD.  

The Bride will know what to do after she crosses Jordan because she has "made herself ready" during her earthly sojourn. She has mastered "will worship". The Bride does not allow outward circumstances to dictate whether she is joyful or glad.  In her maturity, she lifts up gratitude and praise despite what is happening around her because her source of gladness comes from her heart and the miracles that have been wrought there by our Mighty God.  She has also learned to produce true and pure thoughts (wisdom) from her heart and attach them to holy and pure forms.  Her light starts from within and radiates out; so like a sun, she produces her own glaring and blinding rays of joy and gladness.  Maturity is starting with a true, pure thought that comes from within that influences those around you.  The Bride HATH MADE HERSELF READY!!!