In April 2011, we welcomed Revs Kent and Debbie Prell to CGC of Dayton!   They came to us from Princeton, West Virginia, where they had pastored for the past five years. Other pastorates have been in Wisconsin and Illinois, having been affiliated with Christ Gospel Churches Int, Inc. for 30+ years. They have three daughters,  whose families attend the church, along with other family members in the area.

In 2014, Rev. and Mrs. Prell became District Elders in CGC.  Although this has increased their responsibilities, the Prells' main focus has been and continues to be maintaining a close personal, individual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and being ready for his soon return.

In addition to preaching the Word of God, and leading the worship team, Rev. Prell also leads small group Bible studies, and regularly visits the churches in his district in his position as elder.
Sis Prell is very active in the administration, event coordinating and outreach aspects of operating the church, as well as accompanying her husband on his visits to district churches.

Assistant Pastors....

In October 2015, Rev. Mark and Kayla Lauro were licenced and ordained as Assistant Pastors of CGC Dayton.  

They were both raised and married in CGC Dayton, where they have faithfully and actively attended.

Rev. Lauro served in the Army National Guard for seven years, and was a Sargeant in the 29th Infantry Division. He is currently in Human Resourses, and works in the local area.  He has been an Exhorter of the Word, and also served in other capacities, including prayer leader, youth leader, and as a member of the worship team.

Mrs. Lauro is an currently an LPN, and works in the area.  She has served as a worship team leader, youth leader and in the Sunday school and nursery depts.

The Lauros  have also ministered in other Christ Gospel Churches, as part of their preparation to become Assistant Pastors.  They live in the area and have two young sons.