Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Ezekiel 16:8-9.  Our spiritual journey begins on the Bridegroom side of a set of scales where the new heart grows into the stature of the LORD Jesus Christ.  At the appropriate time, the Father moves the believer to the opposite side.  This is the Bride side where we are introduced to the Father and the old heart is transformed into the Bride.  The new heart is the Bridegroom and the old heart is the Bride.  While on the Bride side, the old heart must employ "Torah Thoughts" learned on the Bridegroom side.  Please take note of the mention of a "skirt" in our scripture reference.  

Turn to the Book of Ruth and read 3:8-9.  In Ruth and Ezekiel the spreading of a skirt was an act that symbolized marriage.  Boaz espoused Ruth and the LORD espoused Israel.  In Ezekiel 7:1-2 we read about the four corners of the land.  This word "corners" is the same word for skirt.  In the four corners believer's are espoused to the LORD; the corners are an act of marriage.  The LORD puts His skirt of espousal over the Christian in the poor, stranger, fatherless, and widow corners!  The equivalent of this act in the New Testament would be the "hem of His garment".  The message in the poor, stranger, fatherless, and widow corners, to be espoused to the LORD, is to be weak and dependent.  

In the poor corner the emphasis is upon the circumcision of the ear (hearing).  The ear learns to hear His Voice and to differentiate between appearance and reality (which are two very different things that are often mixed up).  Please read Jeremiah 6:9-10.  The author gives believer's two clues about how to identify uncircumcised hearing:  the Word of God is a reproach, plus, delight in the Word is missing. In the poor corner the LORD wants to circumcise the ear so the Word is fully embraced with joy and delight!  

Please read Acts 7:47-57.  Stephen gives a powerful, compelling, and bold sermon directed at the high priest (7:1).  In verse 57, what did the high priest and his minions do?  They did exactly what their father's did and "stopped their ears".  The Voice of God in Stephen's sermon created hostility (reproach) because it brought them down and diminished their authority. It stripped and laid bare their rejection of the Messiah and exposed their guilt.  The Word comes to strip away the authority of the listener and expose guilt so repentance can come!  Exposure in the poor corner happens to usher in a change of heart.  We, as Christian's, have a heart problem.  Only the LORD God can change the heart of man:  it must be exposed for a change to occur.  


Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Revelation 19:11.  The garment of the Bride is made of linen.  Linen is made from two things:  flax and the silkworm.  One type of linen is exalted and the other is humble and lowly.  The exalted flax linen comes from the IN pasture and the humility silkworm linen comes from the OUT pasture.  This linen is righteousness.  We can deduce that the Bride receives exalted linen righteousness in the IN pasture and humble linen righteousness in the OUT pasture.  

Please read Isaiah 51:1.  The prophet has a special message for those that are pursuing after righteousness (Bridal linen).  First, he says, "hearken to me".  This word hearken means to listen with the intent to obey, to follow instruction.  The "instruction" to the Bride is to "look unto the rock from whence ye are hewn".  Those that are pursuing exalted and humility righteousness, those that are weaving their wedding garment, look to the Rock (Tsur, the Father's Rock).  This word "hewn" means "a square".  Look back to the Father's Rock when you were a square (a little Name).  Said another way:  look back to when you were in the IN pasture inside the Father's Rock.  In the Father's Rock mankind enjoyed the glory and presence of the Father in the IN pasture.  Obviously, man is no longer in the Father's Rock.  He has been set outside the Rock in the OUT pasture.  The message Isaiah conveys is meant for those in the OUT pasture.  Inside the Rock is dependence.  Outside the Rock is independence.  Independence is for the purpose of looking back to and learning from dependence.  The LORD separated us from the Rock to turn around and see him from the outside.  A building has a different look when seeing it from the inside versus seeing it from the outside, yet, it is the same building.  While seeing the LORD from the outside, Christians are to remember what He looks like from the inside.  In other words, in independence remember what He is like in dependence.  This is the same as learning obedience to the things learned in the IN pasture.  

Please read Hebrews 5:8.  Jesus was truthed up in the IN pasture, as it were, and was separated from the Father and sent to earth.  He came to His own personal OUT pasture.  While here He referenced the Father innumerable times; He looked back to the Rock in His independence and learned obedience.  Please read John 5:19 and  6:38.  The entire book of John is a portrayal of the intimate relationship of the Father and the Son while the Son was independent from the Father. 

In independence the option of choice exists.  Choice is removed in the IN pasture while dependent.  Jesus was obedient to the will of the Father in the OUT pasture.  He chose to know the Father from the outside with no feelings or influence from Him.  Being obedient and choosing the LORD in the OUT pasture allows the believer to seek and find the humility silkworm righteousness of the Bridal garment.  Soon, IN or OUT becomes irrelevant because the Bridal garment is in both places.


Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Hebrews 11:6.  Walking by faith is to be obedient to the Word of God.  Elsewhere in His Word the LORD said that obedience is better than sacrifice.  A sacrifice is something that is brought as a gift, obedience is an inward condition of the heart that pleases Him more than an outward gift.  To please God the Christian must believe in something that is not seen.  The LORD is spiritually discerned by the inward man (the new man) who sees things that the natural man (the old man) calls foolishness.  Please pause and read 1 Corinthians 2:14.  We are to walk by faith, believing in something that we do not see.  What does it mean to believe?  Simply, giving God credit or respect for being true to His Nature and Character.  God is a Spirit (invisible) and is spiritually discerned by the new man (Jesus Christ).  The natural man is convinced that anything to do with "God" is stupid, foolish, and a waste of time and effort.  Verse 14 says, "neither can he know them". Know what?  The "things" of God! Hebrews 11:6 promises the believer that if he/she will diligently seek Him (diligently and seek are the same word)  he/she will be rewarded.  Diligently and seek are defined as "to know".  If the new man diligently seeks to know and be obedient to something that is not seen but spiritually discerned, it will be rewarded!  

The LORD is ensconced on His Great Throne in Heaven.  He devotedly tries to communicate with man through creation.  Since He is a Spirit (invisible) He must use what is already made to make Himself known.  His communication flows from His Throne, through creation, to individual men and women.  You could say that creation is a great "filter" through which His communication passes.  The natural man sets his eyes on the creation and concludes that God's communication is foolish and stupid.  The old man, most often, is fixated on the filter rather than what is above the filter (The LORD God).  Creation is a tool used to get the believer to look higher and receive a personal communication (letter) from Him.  So often the believer lives with God "on trial" in his heart.  His nature IS LOVE, PEACE, AND PATIENCE!  He wants us to look beyond creation and KNOW HIM so we are not rocked when Lucifer says He doesn't love us.  Our personal situations and events are not us vs creation!  It's all about seeing HIM and how He works; where is His PERSON?  

Man is a 3-fold being; 2/3 of him is eternal.  It is not hard to believe in something not seen; the majority of man has the ability to see Him and how He works.  The pinnacle of spiritual maturity is not trying to figure out how to escape a circumstance and labour to explain creation.  Acknowledging His communication and receiving a personal missive from the LORD is His intent by using creation.  He wants us to KNOW HIS NATURE!

#239  (4/24/19)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks sermon study #15

Please read Revelation 5:1-5.  A better way to describe the book is to call it a scroll.  John was perplexed about who would open the scroll to the point of weeping.  Notice he is the only one weeping.  Everyone in heaven knew that the Lamb was worthy to open the scroll and divulge its contents.  

Man is more spiritual than natural.  His spirit, soul, and minds are eternal; only the body is natural.  Please read Revelation 6:1.  We find the Lamb opening one of the seals which confirms His Authority to do so.  There was the noise of thunder and a great roar of a lion as the seal was opened; it was a call to war.  Only the Lamb has the authority to open the seals.  When the seal is opened a roar goes forth to "Come and see".  Only the Lamb gives out the invitation to "Come and see"  The Bride's Message is sealed and He will give the invitation to "see" it after the seal is removed.  He and He only opens the eyes to "see" the Crucified Way.  Please read Luke 10:21-22.  The LORD gives us a clue about who the Way is revealed;  someone who is a babe.  In verse 22 He states that He is the only One Who can reveal the Father.  Peter did not have the revelation of the Crucified Christ Who was walking with him on the road to Emmaus.  He walked, talked, listened to the risen LORD but did not know Who He was.  Conversely, Mary believed that He would rise the third day and was at the tomb waiting, hoping, anticipating.  He revealed Himself to her and she proclaimed, "He is Risen!".  In other words, the seal about His Resurrection was removed from the scroll and she heard the invitation to "Come and see".  

Jesus experienced 30 years of preparation before the seal was removed and He was revealed to Israel.  Likewise, the antichrist is in the world today and will be revealed when the seal is removed.  Notice is in verse 2 of Revelation 6 that a white horse is revealed at the removal of the seal.  White speaks of self-righteousness and is antichrist.  When He opens the seal and invites us to "come and see" He wants to expose the self-righteousness of the human heart.  Tribulation comes to expose self-righteousness so we can have a spiritual experience.  John, in heaven, was actually experiencing outwardly what we experience inwardly.  A seal is loosed, we have tribulation to expose self-righteousness, so we can repent.  

Please read  Matthew 23:1-6.  The scribes and Pharisees, saturated with their own self-importance and self-righteousness, sat in Moses' seat and took the uppermost rooms at feasts.  They rejected the spiritual experience offered to them by the LORD to be changed and have their arrogance turned into humility.  They enjoyed being overgrown men rather than becoming a babe.  The invitation to come and see is given to a babe who recognizes his/her self-righteousness, then, has a spiritual experience.  

#238 (4/21/19)

   Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Matthew 28:1-8.  Many times Jesus, during His 3-and-a-half-year ministry, told the diciples about His imminent death and resurrection.  Yet, where were they at the appointed time of His Resurrection?  Unbelief kept them from being at the tomb to witness His glorious Resurrection and see the Glory of the Father stand Him up from the dead.  Mary and Mary were there because they heard the same message and believed.  In verse 4 the keepers (guards) became as dead men.  They were not dead; they were overcome by the glory of the angel that descended and remained conscious.  They could not move but witnessed everything done and said.  God wanted to use the enemy (soldiers) to testify of His Resurrection.  Later, some of the soldiers were paid off with a great sum of money to keep quiet about what they saw.  Some of them told ALL to the High Priest and the elders.  They testified to the rulers of Israel about the Resurrection of Jesus!  

Please read Hebrews 11:6.  The word "cometh" means to draw near, approach.  If Christian's are to approach the LORD they must believe that He IS (present tense - - - right now!).  He wants us to believe in the PERSON of the LORD.  Oftentimes, Christians become bogged down with what can be seen:  people, places, and things.  With the eyesight lowered, man has a tendency to try and figure things out, to understand according to what he sees.  The LORD's preference is for believer's to move their eyesight higher; to see Him.  When He is seen, we understand His Person, that He is Love and He always gives the best!  We need to see Who He IS - - - not what He does.  Man bases God's Love on what is in his scales:  pleasure or pain.  This is what He DOES.  Who He IS is a God of LOVE .  If man was able to understand everything about what He DOES, there would be no need for faith.  By faith we understand Who He IS regardless of pleasure or pain.  Pleasure and pain actually become the same because the eyesight is looking for Him and His Love in every situation.  

Please read Exodus 29:38-42.  Morning and evening they were to meet the LORD with a sacrifice.  Meet means an appointed time for engagement, a conversation.  We are to touch Him and give Him feelings twice a day in prayer.  Having a conversation means each party involved takes their turn in speaking.  He wants us to develop a relationship by way of a two-way conversation.  Basing a relationship or an experience on a feeling is not wise.  Who IS He?  Talk to Him and find out!