(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Revelation 22:16.  Jesus speaking, calls Himself the Root of David, the Offspring of David, Bright, and Morning Star.  There are two sides to a seed: the visible (growth above ground) and the invisible (root).  The root holds the plant in place.  It grows in the low place, in the dark, unseen, and private.  The root has a downward pull; it can smell water and moves down to anchor the plant.  Jesus came to this earth as a Root.  Israel did not recognize Him in His humility form.  They wanted a King, an exalted Ruler who would throw off the Roman yolk and liberate them.  He came as a Humility Root to liberate Israel from within first.  

Please read Isaiah 53:2. Jesus always kept His roots sunk deep in the well of water of His relationship with the Father.  This is true during all of His earthly experience.  He did not allow His roots to sink down into the wilderness of this world or find refreshment in carnal activity.  He did not try to find nourishment in the dry ground of this world.  He was truly a "Root out of a dry ground"; the dry ground being this earth and all its carnal happenings.  In Matthew 4, the devil tempted Him several times to put His roots down into this present world.  His response after each temptation was to draw Life up from His roots which were sunk deep into the Well of God's Word and quote scripture.  He told the devil several times, "It is written..." (Matthew 4:1-11).  

Please read Isaiah 11:1. This is the family tree of David.  Jesse was David's father.  Christ was the Root and David was the trunk.  Out of David's trunk (or lineage) sprang the fruit of Jesus.  By coming through the fleshly lineage of David, the LORD was revealing a beautiful spiritual principle.  In order for  Jesus to be revealed, He needed flesh first.  Christ was the Root below, David appeared on earth in the flesh, then Jesus was the fruit of David's lineage.  Jesus needs flesh, us, to be revealed by the Father.  The flesh and sin is important because through them He mainfests His Name and Nature. He is the Offspring or the fruit of our relationship with the Root of Christ (His Word).  

Jesus is also Bright (naw-ghaw).  This is the Fathers' light in the darkness or the moon light.  In the midst of darkness, with no feeling, we can walk by His Bright light of the moon to accurately negotiate the shadows and continue in our spiritual journey.  Lastly, He is the Morning Star.  He is a Doorkeeper for the Master Plan and  Purposive Will of the Father.  He can pull back the curtains and shine His Light to show us the way back to the Father!!  AMEN!!