(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Psalm 149:6-7.  Note that verse six speaks of high praises and a two-edged sword (which pictures to us the Word of God).  Sometimes in our spiritual walk toward the New City, we suppose that the Word just isn't performing; the Word isn't working as it should in every situation.  If you follow the order explained in verse six, the high praises come before the two-edged sword.  The high praises usher in the Word.  If we lift up our praises to the Name of the LORD, His Son, and His Immutable Headship, the Word will perform what it was sent to do.  Concisely, praise preceeds the Word.  

Please read 2Chronicles chapter 20.  This is the story of Jehoshaphat and his battle against Moab, Ammon (offspring of Lot), and Mt. Seir (Esau).  Jehoshaphat, in verses 3&4, had all Judah seek the LORD.  They humbled themselves and prayed.  Before going out to battle, he sought leadership and guidance from God.  This is an example to us to do the same.  Got a battle coming?  Time to seek God!  In verse 14, the direction they sought was revealed to Jahaziel who spoke that the battle was not Judah's---it was God's.  In verse 16, the LORD says, "go YE down against them".  Even though the battle was the LORD's, he required some active participation on the part of Judah in order to vanquish these 3 nations.  In verse 19, Judah stood up and gave reverence to the LORD and His Word while they shouted with a loud voice of high praises.  We see in verse 22 that Moab, Ammon, and Mr. Seir were smitten because Judah employed the principle given in Psalm 149:6-7:  high praises usher in and allow the Word to perform as it is intended by God!

We hold the key.  The sword of God will come alive and slay the enemy!  The Father is noisy!  Shout and praise about what He's already done, what He's doing, and what He will do in our lives.  Victory is non-existent if God's people will not lift up high praises to His Great Name and His Eternal Word.