#144  (12/25/17)

                                                                                          (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Luke 2:1-7.  The Father's Master Plan was executed when The Son of God left the glory of Heaven and was born in a small stable in Bethlehem.  There is a stature of truth regarding Mary at the manger.  She delivered, she brought forth, she wrapped the child and she laid Him in a manger.  The Son of God became completely dependent on His own creation, Mary, to cause Him to survive the first crucial hours after birth.  

Caesar Augustus did not make the task of delivery any easier.  Rather, he complicated it.  Because he was greedy for more tax revenue, Mary and Joseph had to travel overland to Bethelem - - - while she was 9 months pregnant.  Nazareth was a place of comfort, familiarity, food, and companionship.  Greedy covetousness caused an interruption in their familiar, daily life.  The couple left comfort and familiarity and traveled to a humble, small place called a manger.  They left comfort and arrived in a small, stinky stable.  We grow comfortable in the habits and  behavior patterns of the old man.  Indifference to God is prevalent in our daily lives as we follow the routine peculiar inclinations of the flesh.  Acquaintance and fraternity with the ways of the old heart give us consolation.  But, as in the case of Mary and Joseph with Caesar Augustus, the LORD desires to use the suffocating control of the old man to prompt Christians to travel (as it were) to Bethlehem and have a new birth of the Christ Child.  The LORD will use the old man to get us to move forward into a new birth of light in a small place.  Mary and Joseph were poor and became poorer to travel where Jesus Christ was born.  Their poverty got worse.  The LORD, in our case, wants to see if we'll accept poverty to find a new revelation of the Christ.  Jesus left glory, recognition, and status in heaven as God's only Begotten Son to be born in a small, poor manger.  He began His earthly journey destitute.  That humble beginning started a journey that ended in Him becoming both LORD and Christ.  Likewise, this earthly journey of humility will end for us being the Bride of Christ.  

The shepherds were given a message by the Heavenly Host to run to Bethlehem and see the Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.  The glory of the LORD shone all around them because they needed it to recognize the right child; there was only one child in town Who was the Christ Child.  Jesus was shining in a manger, a small thing, and was recognizable to the shepherds.  We are to travel to Bethlehem and make known the Name, Christ, Who is shining in poverty.  As Jesus did, we are to let our light shine, let the Name and Nature of God radiate from our heart, in every small thing.  In His poverty He made the Name known - - - in a small place.  The Bride will grow to full stature and acquire sun glory.  The sun simply gives light!  The Bride transmits, disperses, disseminates the Light of His Name in every small place and thing!