#145 (12/31/17)

                                                                                              (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Hebrews 12:15.  Bitterness is defined as poison, sharp, harsh, greed, heavy, angry, discomforted, sullen, grieved, ill-disposed, sharp or bitter taste.  Oftentimes, just the thought of one person or a past event causes waves of bitterness to roll through our spirit and soul.  The discomfort remembering past anger can sometimes be overwhelming.  The grief can cause our countenance and behaviour to change.  When Hagar left the tents of Abraham, she was bitter with Sarah.  She went to the wilderness of Shur which means walls.  She traveled to the bitter waters of Marah and built walls.  An angel appeared to her and told her to get up and return to Sarah; to not sit by the waters of bitterness and build walls.  When Christians travel to the waters of bitterness, the soon outcome is a wall of separation dividing us from our "offender".  When Israel journeyed from Egypt to Canaan's Land they didn't build one wall before becoming the wife of God.  Christians build walls to protect their bitterness because the fallen human heart enjoys being aggrieved and wounded.  Please read Ephesians 4:31 and James 3:11-12 to  become more familiar with the subject of bitterness.  

Please read Exodus 1:13-14.  Israel was bitter over serving Egypt in slavery, with rigour, for 400 years. Immediately after crossing the Red Sea the LORD took them to the wilderness of Shur and the bitter waters of Marah.  God wanted to heal Israel's bitterness and anger.  Moses threw a tree (the Cross of Calvary) into the waters and made them sweet.  There is only one cure for the bitterness in the human heart - - - the Cross and the Blood of Jesus will make our countenance and behaviour sweet as the malady is swept away by His Love.  Please note that Moses THREW the tree into the bitter waters.  He grabbed the tree, and without holding on in any way, he tossed the Christ into the waters.  Christians have a tendency to hold on and not allow the Tree to get fully thrown into their bitterness.  We don't allow the Christ to fully redeem us.  Instead, we stir up the waters of bitterness.  Moses LET GO and allowed the Tree to heal.  When the tree healed the waters, then all Israel drank from the sweetness provided by the Christ.  The Cross tossed into our bitterness causes others to drink of our sweetness.  I can "throw and let go"!  Those around us and close to us can drink from the Christ nature that flows from the heart as we experience the bitter waters made sweet.  The walls of bitterness can come down through the healing touch of our Savior!   Many times a past event or a certain person we haven't thought of in years are remembered for no apparent reason.  Remembering past offenses, we sometimes attach a face to that offense.  A root of bitterness has been exposed or, the LORD has taken us to Marah.  He allows us to visit specific places in our past so we can throw the Christ into our bitter waters and make that place a fruitful garden of His Name and Nature.  He desires to take a wrecking ball of Blood and destroy the walls of anger, sharpness, harshness and discomfort.  The Name has the power to heal and make sweet our bitter waters!