#147 (1/14/18 morning)

                                                                                    (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

The Heavenly Father and creation exist in their ordained places.  Creation exists in a form; it is formed energy that is limited by boundaries.  The Mighty God, the Ancient of Days, exists in a no-form, unlimited expanse of space, not confined by shapes, sizes, and arrangement.  His energy is immense, boundless, unrestricted.  The everlasting, unending, perpetual Heavenly Father has an inexhaustible source of divine energy whereby He can create whatever needs to be created.  At any time He can tap into His limitless reservoir of power and energy and provide what is needed for His people.  Jesus left the Father and His no-form existence and became a man - - - a form.  According to His own words, he spoke that the Father was greater than He.  How can that be?  He was a form and the Father is no-form.  The Bible admonishes us to worship God in spirit and in truth.  Notice the two are connected by the word "and".  Both must be present to worship.  Also notice that "spirit" is first.  We are told to worship God in no-form spirit AND in truth!  

Forms present limitations.  In the case of David and Goliath, Saul wanted David to challenge the giant with his armor - - - forms.  David rejected the forms and put off the armor.  He approached the giant lifting up the Name of the LORD God of Israel. He forsook form and killed the giant by calling upon the limitless, boundless energy and power of the no-form Name of LORD.  Israel circled the city of Jericho 13 times and gave a shout of no-form praise to the LORD.  The nation tapped into the limitless, unrestricted power of the Name Who created what was necessary for them to receive victory.  Forms are limited in power.  It takes the right circunstance to allow us to forsake our forms and experience Who He really is:  The limitless, eternal Heavenly Father.  He cannot be put into a form.  We can get to know the Heavenly Father through His divine intervention and by Him displaying His divine, perpetual energy in our behalf.  

When we raise our praise to the Name, we are connecting ourself to His no-form energy.  Praise and gratitude to His Name allows no-form energy to flow inside our heart and will cause an inside change.  Going further, it moves outside and also causes a change.  His energy encircles the heart to make an inward change, then it encircles the storm (circumstance) to make an outward change.  His energy will provide whatever is needed so His people will have victory.  A good mariner needs a storm to become superior in his seamanship and skills to navigate.  Gideon used a pitcher with a light in it to get victory over the amassed army.  He broke the form of the pitcher so the no-form light escaped and slaughtered the enemy.  The unlimited energy of the LORD saved Israel from extinction.  Michal, David's wife, scorned and disrespected him for worshipping God in a no-form manner in front of the maidens of Israel.  He basically responded, you ain't seen nothin' yet!  He declared that he would be even more "no-form" in the future.  

By God's grace, we are given a storm for the purpose of knowing God in a deeper manner.   A storm allows us to forsake our plots, plans, and devices (forms) and see Him intervene with His limitless power and energy.  The Father is the unrestrained, unrestricted One Who shows us His strength so we can see Who He really is.  He is no-form, a way-maker, a door-opener Who can create whatever is needed for His children to advance in their relationship with Him.