#148 (1/14/18 evening)

                                                                                         (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Matthew 16:13-18.  In verse 18 the LORD gives us a precious promise:  "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".  Not prevail against what?  The word "rock" in this verse is "selah".  The gates of hell shall not prevail against the selah rock or Christ.  All of hell's rebellion will not overcome and prevail over the Christ, the Word!  

Please read Luke 8:5-6 and 13.  A seed was sown upon the rock (selah) and it died because of lack of moisture and having no root.  The LORD asks us to put down a root into the selah rock and provide the moisture of tears.  This way the seed of truth can survive and eventually produce fruit.  Oftentimes, Christians receive the Word gladly but allow the seeds to die by giving moisture to the world, flesh and devil.  They choose to give and receive moisture from the world through fleshly forms.  The seed of truth will survive by putting down a root into the selah rock.  When a root is established, hell and all its hoards cannot prevail against that root.  Jesus gave us this wonderful promise.  

Please read Canticles 2:14.  His dove dwells in the clefts of the rock - - - selah.  The Bride has learned to properly moisten the seeds of truth and put down roots into the clefts of the rock.  The Christ, the Word of God was cleft in 12 places.  There are 12 humility wounds that the seed of truth puts down a root.  In each cleft we find redemption and blood.  In each cleft we find peace and rest from the old nature.  When the Father sees us dwelling in the wounds of Jesus, experiencing humility, blood and redemption, that wound becomes a haven of rest, a place of sweetness.  

Moses was told to speak to the rock (selah) but he disobeyed the LORD.  Instead, he smote the rock.  He implemented his own plan, idea, form.  He had a better idea of how water should be produced; according to his own head.  The LORD asks us to support Him and His Headship, not our own.  When we put down a root and make Him the Head, He reciprocates and puts a root in us.  Our heart becomes entwined with the roots of truth given from His Headship.  Once again, Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against a heart that is rooted and entwined with the truth of the selah rock (Christ).   In other words, a heart that is dwelling in the humility wounds of the Christ experiencing fresh blood and redemption.