#170 (4/29/18)

                                                                           (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Ephesians 6:5-8.  The Father is ever vigilant to reach His fallen creation.  To accomplish this, He works through His Son, Who, in turn, works through Masters, and then to the servant (us).  Going the other way, the servant serves the Master, then the Son, and ultimately the Father.  A Master is someone who controls the servant.  He takes away choices by not letting the servant do as he pleases.  Yet, we are to be obedient to the masters over us as unto Christ.  A master can be a person, place, thing, or event; anything that takes away our choice and controls us.  The way back to the Son and the Father is to come through the master.  The master is the route by which we return to the Son.  The masters that are in our lives are put there by Him!  The Power to change is found in submitting to the master---as unto Christ.  Worshipping through the master allows us to have fellowship with God and His Son.  

Please read Romans 6:16.  The human heart has a tendency to reject the master when he, she, or it, causes pain, displeasure, and anger.  When he, she, or it controls the Christian heart and takes away choice, we remove the master (or try) and throw it on the dung heap as a nuisance and impediment.  When we remove these inconveniences we are actually removing God out of our way and rejecting Him.  We are told to treat these master's AS UNTO CHRIST.  Christ puts a master in our life and we are to see it as a vehicle through which we can return to the Father.  When we reject the master, we reject the Son  and the Father.  There are two types of obedience.  One is the LORD's obedience which is unto righteousness and the other is fleshly obedience unto death.  When rejecting the master, the believer is following his own fleshly obedience and sinning unto death.  Fleshly obedience leads to death, darkness, and hate.  When we embrace the master, serving and using him to become more like Jesus, we are being obedient unto righteousness.  Becoming more like the LORD, righteous, is the purpose of the master.  The seamanship of a sailor is mediocre until it is tested in a storm.  Good seamanship comes through practice when heavy seas and storms are present.  A righteous Christian comes through surrendering to the master and becoming more like Jesus  and the Father when the master controls us through a storm.  A righteous Christian is the result when obedience to the master allows him/her to reach past the master and take eternal substance out of the outstretched hand of the Son. Storms and heavy seas produce a sympathetic, understanding, compassionate, and loving Christian who influences those around him/her.