#171 (4/29/18 evening)                          

                                                     (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)                                                                   

 Please read Ephesians 6:5-8.  The ultimate goal in our Christian lives is to represent Christ everywhere we go and to everyone we meet.  We are to offer hope to a lost and dying world of inhabitants who hopelessly follow the crowd toward the wide gate that leads to hell.  Somehow, someway we can reach out to those around us and let them see Christ and what He has done in us.  The "group-think" cycle is not broken until the Light of Christ shines into the ignorance of the human heart, encouraging independent thought based on the Word of God.  Jesus wants to influence those we meet by working through us and showing an opposing lifestyle that is life, light, and love.  By being a representative of Christ, we have the opportunity to display to the world around us that there is another way, a better way, a way of hope and life everlasting.  

The "chain of command", so to speak, starts with the Father and proceeds down to the Son.  Next, the master and then the servant.  In between the Son and us (servant) is the master.  We are told to be obedient to the master AS UNTO CHRIST.  The privilege of a master is to control and remove choice.  The LORD will send a master into our lives in the form of a personal circumstance which removes control and choice.  The human will tends to desperately defend itself when it is not in control and choices have ceased.  Yet, the master is the avenue upon which the human heart approaches the Son.  When we reject the master, through anger and loss of control, we reject the Son who has sent the master.  Anger causes Christians to disdain and spurn the master, thereby rejecting the Son.  If a master comes in the form of another human being, we throw him or her out on the "jerk-pile".  By regaining our control, we remove what is causing us the discomfort----throwing Jesus on the "jerk-pile".  In proper perspective, a servant has neither control nor choice.  A servant, by occupation, relinguishes both to the master.  Notice in verse 5 we are to obey the master AS UNTO CHRIST.  We are to obey the master as we would obey the Son for it is the Son who has sent us the master at the request of the Father.  He commands us to receive the master with fear and trembling.  Fear is reverential respect and trembling is a shaking, an understanding that the Originator of the master is the Son.  Respect, fear, and understanding beget obedience.  There are two types of obedience:  the LORD's obedience and the obedience of the flesh.  Please read Romans 6:16.  The LORD's obedience is unto righteousness and life.  Conversely, fleshly obedience is unto sin and death.  It is possible to obey the master out of fleshly obedience with the result of death and a poor attitude.  It is the LORD's intention that we obey because we have reverential respect and a trembling understanding that the master has been sent by God.  When we reject the master we are putting the creation above the Creator, the terrestrial above the celestial.  Fear and  trembling causes us to do the opposite, understanding that the avenue to the Son is through the master.  How many times has Jesus obeyed the Father by giving us a personal master, to be subsequently thrown out on the "jerk-pile"?  How many times has the Bridal candidate rejected and spurned the Son by angrily grasping their control and choice?  The way back to the Son and the Father is through the master.  We are to obey the master AS UNTO CHRIST.  Spoken another way, we are to use and reach past the master and accept the eternal substance that Jesus is offering us in the form of His Name.  Fear and trembling are the friends of every Christian.