#172 (5/5/18)

                                                                               (Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Exodus 29:11-12.  The priests were to pour the blood at the bottom of the altar where there was liquid, no form life.  The Hebrew word for "bottom" is yaw-sad which means counsel, to consult.  Counsel has its origins in the blood.  Our relationship with God starts with counsel under the altar.  Please read Psalm 8:2.  The word strength in this verse is also yaw-sad, counsel.  He has ordained counsel.  Please turn to Psalm 33:11 and read.  He has ordained that His counsel is eternal.  

There are two worlds:  the natural world and the spiritual world.  The starting point for redemption is in the spiritual, the invisible.  There is a spiritual problem before there is a natural problem.  The spiritual problem must be redeemed first, then the natural problem will follow suit.  The natural problem (visible) will diminish its influence on the human heart when the spiritual problem is addressed.  

Please read Numbers 1:2-3.  Moses was to number the males of every tribe twenty years old and upward.  This was done as a preparation for war.  The word "number" in verse 2 means a mandate for war.  Now read Exodus 30:11-16.  After they were numbered, each man was to give an offering of an half-shekel for a redemption for their soul and to ensure they would be blessed during the upcoming battles.  The half-shekel obligated God to redeem each man  and keep  him protected.  It was a guarantee that their life would be spared.  Conversely, if the half-shekel was not paid, God was not obligated to protect that soul.  When the Christian has a spiritual problem, originating in the invisible, if the half-shekel is paid, the natural war to eliminate the problem will end in victory.  Our lives are guaranteed and victory is settled because a redemptive price has been paid.  We can fight any natural battle with the flesh and the body of sin and be guaranteed that our lives will be spared.  There is no battle too great for the LORD.  The half-shekel obligates God to protect us.  Redemption starts with the blood at the bottom of the altar where there is counsel with God.  When we pay our half-shekel (repent and receive a fresh washing of blood) the LORD is bound by a covenant of blood to protect us from any natural onslaught.  When the spiritual problem is redeemed first by the blood, the natural problem is guaranteed to be redeemed as well.  Praise God for the Blood!  It guarantees our victory!