#173 (5/13/18 Mothers' Day)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read 2John 1:1.  The word "elect" means chosen of God, proven, tested, examined, tried.  Turn to Isaiah and read chapter 48 verse 10.  The word chosen is "baw-khar" in Hebrew meaning as a mother endures affliction for her child.  In Revelation 17:14, the Bride is chosen (baw-khar) because she was willing to not only go but also endure the furnace of affliction.  The Bride was willing to go through the fiery furnace of affliction (her own hate, death, and darkness in the form of the old man) for her endearing Bridegroom.  In addition, the Bride was called.  This word "called" means to receive an experience.  After receiving her experience, she chose to give the experience back to the LORD, enabling Him to have an experience also.  Very few choose to give back to God by blessing His Name in all things.  Very few choose to go into the furnace of affliction and humiliation and return the experience back to Him.  The LORD calls many into the furnace of affliction.  The pain and suffering causes a significant amount of them to give up and turn to the world.  Their conclusion is the pain is too great, I am too bad, there is no hope, etc.  The elect lady, in the midst of her suffering, gave to God an experience by blessing His Name and confessing His Headship.  She gave back to Him in her affliction!  The elect lady did to the LORD what what a mom does for a baby.  A mother endures, by choice, hardship and affliction to bless her baby.  The Bride chooses to endure hardship and give back to God so He can have an experience of being blessed.  The Bride blesses her Bridegroom in all things!