#182 (6/17/18-morning-Father's Day)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Hebrews 11:8-9 &15-19.  Abraham was a "zaw-kane"; he exhibited spiritual maturity.  Please read Genesis 22:1-18.  A good parent means being a good son to the LORD.  In verse 1 Abraham said, "here I am".  He was eager to do whatever the LORD wanted.  Also in verse one, God wanted to tempt Abraham.  As the story unfolds, Isaac accompanies his father to offer a burnt offering to the LORD.  Isaac (by now a 37-year-old man) notices that no animal is present and asks his father where it is.  He said, "you're the sacrifice".  Isaac, influenced greatly by his father's testimony and the reality of his union with God, agreed to be the sacrifice.  He saw the truth and verity by which Abraham worshipped the LORD.  He also saw the belief, love, and faith he had in God.  Abraham's relationship with the LORD so influenced Isaac, that he surrendered to get on the altar knowing the LORD would somehow save him.  The word "tempt" means to weigh it out, to give substance.  Because of his faith and belief, God asked Abraham to offer Isaac and then gave him the substance to obey the will of God.  The LORD will ask us to do things and then gives the necessary substance to perform them.  Faith and belief release the substance to walk in the way He has called us.  Notice faith and belief come first, then the substance follows.  The word "offer" means two things:  to slaughter and kill, or, to lift up, to set on an altar.  The LORD gave Abraham the substance necessary to lift up Isaac on to an altar.  Since there is no biblical picture of a human being slain upon an altar, we can gather that God only wanted Abraham to set him there.  Killing Isaac was Abraham's own "revelation".  The LORD had a sacrifice coming up the mountain (the ram), which Abraham was to slay.  Isaac's faith in God became a reality when He intervened and stopped his father from killing him.  As the Bride walks by faith in the divine, eternal nature of the LORD, she is given the substance necessary to face all situations that the Will of God puts her in.  He will work the WILL and the DO in the heart of the Bride!