#183 (6/17/18-evening-Father's Day)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Note:  This lesson is an extension of #182; please read if necessary

Please read Genesis 22:1-18.  In verse 2, the word "offer" means to lift up, to lay on an altar.  It was not God's intention that Abraham slay Isaac, but to offer him.  It was Abraham's "revelation" to kill his son.  The LORD had to intervene in Isaac's behalf because He did not want a human being slain on an altar to be in His Holy Bible.  The LORD wanted Abraham to walk by faith, which he did, up to the moment he placed Isaac on the altar.  Instead of out-guessing God and assuming he was to kill Isaac, he should have walked a little further, by faith, and placed the ram on the altar to be a proper picture and sacrifice.  The LORD, when He asks us to walk by faith, doesn't always give the full picture of what's happening.  He wants us to go as far as what has been revealed and go no further; wait until the light shines on the next step, refraining from the "revelation" of our own authority and headship about what God's doing or where He wants to go.  

Isaac, a mature, grown, 37-year-old man, witnessed the reality of his father's relationship with God.  He was not a stranger to the good deeds (works) of his father.  Abraham's belief, love, and faith in the LORD God was not lost on his son's heart.  He tremendously influenced Isaac; so much so that he willingly got on the altar.  A close, deep relationship with the LORD will produce good works.  Works are the children of a heart union with Jesus.  People will see God through our good works.  

Please read Matthew 11:2-6.  Jesus was basically saying, "Go tell John about all the good works and stop being offended that you're in prison".  God the Father, in the invisible, begot a Son and was made visible.  Following this, creation (works) was produced as a witness of the relationship between Father and Son.  No, there would not be another.  The works were proof that He (Jesus) came from the Father and had a love relationship with Him.  

Turn to John 6:29 and read.  Jesus Himself spoke these words.  How much plainer can you get?  "For I am from him, and he hath sent me."  Jesus said that if they have seen Him, they also have seen the Father.  The Father "came out" of the Son as He moved and spoke.  Likewise, the stature of the Son should come out of the Bride as she moves and speaks.  Fleshly works join creature to creature; spiritual works join creator to creature.  The invisible stature of the Son should be visible to the world by the Bride's visible works.  

The Bride does not fall apart in her humility, dark circumstances.  The opposite should be true.  Faith in her Heavenly Father and His Wonderful, ethereal Son causes her to be a "creator" in her darkness.  She draws from the substance given her to carry on.  Please read Psalm 139:16.  She takes from her substance and creates a world around her of praise and exaltaion of the Name.  In eternity future, creating will be passed on from the Son to the Bride.  The Father will command, the Son will pass on the commandment to the Bride and she, out of her love relationship with the Son, will produce the finished product.  We must know how to create before we get up yonder; this life is the prooving-ground, the test track.  How does creating begin?  It starts with a love relationship  with the invisible Father, then moves to the visible union with the Son.  Through this union we create a new world.  Creation is proof of a love union with God; the Bride has this.  When she is asked to create new worlds, she will know exactly what to do:  draw from the substance within her given through a love union with Him!