#184 (6/24/18 morning)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read John 7:37-39 and John 6:28-29.  The word "believe" is the same Greek word in both scripture references.  In John 7, Jesus spoke that the Holy Ghost would come to the person who believed on Him.  In John 6, Jesus revealed that belief in Him was a work; a good work.  By belief, a Christian can do a good work and receive the Holy Ghost.  

Now, please read James 2:21-26.  Let's take it a step further.  Justification comes through works.  In addition, after reading Romans 3:28, we see that justification also comes through faith.  Justification has two sides:  the invisible and the visible.  Invisibly, faith works from a love relationship with the LORD, a union with God in private.  Visibly, a work (child) is produced through this union of heart and will.  The work bears the visible image of the joining of hearts in the invisible.  To be justified is to have a private, intimate union with God that produces a good work that bears the image of that union.  To receive the Holy Ghost, a fruit of belief, a work of belief will assure the Christian getting it.  

The Holy Ghost is a promise given by Jesus Christ Himself (which we already read).  The working of believing in the promise brings the performance of the promise.  It is necessary to work to believe that the Holy Ghost is real, that it is for today and that it is poured out on all flesh.   It is work to believe flaming tongues of fire can cause the tongue of man to give praises to the LORD God.  Working to believe unlocks the performance of the promise, not only with regard to the Holy Ghost but, also, with any heavenly promise. 

Works are powerful; they can cause agitation in heaven as a wrong work, or peace in heaven as a good work.  Peace in heaven translates into peace on earth; when God is pleased with a right work, true satisfaction is experienced by the one believing and working.  True pleasure is pleasing the Father, likewise, true satisfaction is satisfying the Father.  We hold the key that unlocks the lock of performance of a promise.  Believing the promise brings perfomance of the promise.