#186 (7/8/18 morning)

(Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks)

Please read Proverbs 25:28.  The spirit, in this verse, is compared to a broken down city.  In this condition, it has no wall to be a barrier to external enemies.  The spirit was created of celestial substance and is capable connecting us to the LORD.  The body was created from terrestial substance and is joined to the earth.  In the center is the soul.  For it to understand God and His Master Plan, the spirit must communicate with the soul.  When the Word of God speaks to the soul, it comprehends the present situation and, thus, cooperates with the LORD's Plan.  The spirit attaches our entire being to the LORD since they both are made of similar material.

In the Garden of Eden, the woman represented the Spirit.  Moreover, the man typed the Word. The serpent, after crawling through the unprotected gate of the garden, approached the woman (spirit).  The serpent was wise enough to know that if he could break the unity of the "spirit" (woman) he could easily continue with the downfall of the man.  His purpose was to break the unity of God and the couple; he started with the woman (spirit).  When the spirit is defiled, unity is broken with the LORD. 

Please read Proverbs 20:27.  The spirit is likened to a candlestick from which the soul receives understanding.  The soul understands from the light of the Word.  Adam could not stand in the presence of the serpent because the light of understanding was gone.  Consequently, he fell as well as his wife.  Our spirit needs to be protected to fend off enemies that come to sever the unity it enjoys with God and the light it supplies to the soul.  This barrier is a wall of tears.  

Two outcomes are apparent after knowing the LORD any length of time:  you either become soft and pliable or hard and bitter.  When we, as Christians, receive wounds, they eventually heal and scar over.  The scar is a reminder of the pain and emotion that once accompanied the wound.  The scar is always visible but tears remove the emotional and physical pain.  Scars don't hurt because the pain is gone after healing.  We can remember how we received the scar without fixating on the pain that was once there if enough tears have been shed.  Tears start in the invisible, in the spirit, then proceed through the soul and on to the body.  When we weep, a wall is either being built or being reinforced around the spirit.  Tears maintain unity with the LORD.  When we show love to someone they may choose to weep by our expression of empathy and concern.  Their tears, though our love, helps them to build a wall around the spirit and get in unity with God.  Showing love to a fellow human being is a very powerful force.  It has the potential of bringing unity and harmony between an estranged spirit and a loving God.