#192 (8/12/18 morning)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Revelation 21:1-2.  Heaven and Hell (the dwelling place of fallen Lucifer) will pass away!  Three new abodes will be established as dwelling places for believers: The New Heaven, the New Earth, and the New City.  All three will be inhabited by believers; everyone is not making their new residence the New City.  The Bride, who is most familiar with the New City, will be ushered through the gates of pearl.  She will not enter into the New City and be ignorant of how she got there and how the City was made.  She is very acquainted with all the materials, how they were made, and how she contributed to the construction.  Knowledge is learned two ways:  theory and experience.  It is not unusual for a doctor to learn the theories of medicine and then be enrolled in a residency program where the theories are joined to the experience.  Oftentimes, during the course of higher education, there is lecture as well as lab.  The phenomenom called "time" could be compared to the "lab" of the Bride.  Time allows the Bride to experience the truths she has learned theoretically, to the point that, when she completes her earthly sojourn, her comprehension and intimacy of the New City will also be complete.  

We have learned that there are 12 tribes in Israel.  There is a gate in the wall of the New City that corresponds to each tribe resulting in 12 gates.  The purpose of the a gate is to control entry and exit.  The gatekeeper has enormous power determining who comes in and who goes out.  The New City has been revealed as a picture of the human heart.  We can deduce that the human heart has twelve gates that determine what enters and what doesn't.  An open gate has the potential to allow an enemy to enter in and cause havoc with spiritual and natural behavior.  When an enemy passes through an open gate, and causes the believer to sin, it could be said that the believer is being controlled by outside spiritual forces that have crept in.  The human heart can be controlled by things without.  Open gates allow the believer to be controlled.  There is no neutral ground; either fallen Lucifer will be worshipped or God and Heaven will be worshipped.  The more we depend on God to close the gates, the more independent we become from the world.  The more independent we become from the LORD, dependency on the world takes His place.  Dependency on God (humility) is crucial to having closed gates.  

Please read verse 21 of the same chapter.  Each gate is an indivdual pearl.  A pearl is made when debris (a grain of sand) gets into the soft tissue of an oyster.  The oyster weeps and covers the sharp edges of the sand particle until a precious pearl is made.  Each gate of the New City is produced through weeping.  By weeping, the believer forms pearls in the heart that are transformed into gates.  Tears come by way of three forces:  suffering, wounds, and love.  A pearly gate is manufactured through suffering and wounds.  When the human heart is wrenched with agony and pain, weeping before God and His Marvelous Headship creates a gate that controls entry and exit.  As the gatekeeper, the believer holds the power to close the gates and keep the world at arms distance.  This power is received at the expense of many tears.  When the Bride enters the New City, she will be well acquainted with how each gate was produced.  She made them herself through her weeping in her own heart by taking her suffering and pain to the LORD.  No doubt about it, God wants us to weep so we can control the gates of our heart and deny entry to the world.  Can't weep?  You have not because you ask not!  Ask the LORD, by His Spirit, to sweep over your heart and rain on the hard ground.  Tears are miraculous!