#195 (9/9/18)

Source of material:  Rev. B.R. Hicks

Please read Philippians 3:10.  Paul writes that it is his desire to first KNOW HIM, regardless whether he is experiencing power and might or suffering and death.  Being exalted or abased, his primary purpose in either condition is to know Him.  Paul did not want to fall in love with the movements of the Spirit as he was moved from high to low or vice versa.  Uppermost, in whatever state he was in, was to learn more about the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Notice that "power of His resurrection" is first.  We, as Christians, need the power and strength from His resurrection to be able to weather the storm of His suffering.  His strength is what allows the believer to walk through his or her personal suffering.  Why must a believer suffer?  Why is a believer taken to a barren place to experience thirst and anguish?  Why was Israel taken to a barren wilderness on the way to Canaan's Land?  The LORD wanted to see if they would fall in love with HIM!  He let them experience suffering to see if He was enough.  Could He fulfill ALL their desires?  They would never had known if suffering hadn't come.  

Man is a 3-fold being; Body, Soul, and Spirit.  He also is blessed with a heart and a will.  The Spirit communicates with and understands the invisible, spiritual world.  The Spirit of man is in constant contact with the good and evil that surrounds the soul and body.  The body is of the earth, terrestrial.  Sin broke the chain of communication between the spirit and the body, although they "sense" one another.  No direct contact is made between the two because of the partition of sin, but, they know each other exists.  Each part (body, soul, and spirit) have 5 senses.  These five senses are the communication system through which all parts talk to one another.  The body, soul, and spirit have their own language called PERCEPTION.  Please read I Thessalonians 5:23.  The author suggests that God sanctify each believer WHOLLY, or, body, soul, and spirit.  Many times Jesus, when He was about to heal someone, would ask them if they wanted to be made whole.  Spoken another way, did they want just a natural healing or did they want a whole healing:  body, soul, and spirit?  In this scripture, the desire of the author is for God to sanctify all 3 parts.  He goes on to say that it is his prayer that the whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless.  In other words, that all five senses of each part be preserved.  The body has 5 senses, the soul has 5 senses, likewise with the spirit.  Sanctify means:  clean, set apart, to offer as a sacrifice.  All fifteen senses should be clean, set apart, and offered as a sacrifice.  Why?  So the entire 3-fold being of man can communicate through the language of perception so each part knows what God is doing.  Clear perception allows the individual to make right choices based on cleansed senses.  The LORD wants to clean up all the senses to restore clear, transparent, diaphanous perception; allowing the Christian to make right choices.  

How is perception achieved in the senses?  Please read Hebrews 13:12, Romans 15:16, and Ephesians 5:26.  The LORD wants the Christian to consecrate, dedicate, and separate the senses with Blood, Fire, and Water.  Go back to the Courtyard of the Mosaic Tabernacle and apply these supernatural substances to the body, soul, and spirit and receive clear perception!